Human resources

Promoting diversity

Diversity is a form of wealth that CNR works to cultivate every day: equality between women and men, the integration of disabled persons, training the young and seniors, and integrating persons marginalised on the job market.

  • Professional equality between women and men. CNR has been committed since 2007 to recruiting women in technical disciplines and assisting those who work in traditionally male technical teams, favouring their access to positions of responsibility and facilitating harmonisation between professional and private life.
  • CNR wants to improve social perceptions of handicapped persons and more than 6% of its employees are in this situation. CNR favours the integration and professionalization of disabled persons whether through direct or indirect (ESAT) employment.
  • In the framework of Form’Avenir, CNR’s own sandwich courses, new talents are recruited for on- and off-the-job training every year to meet the company’s specific needs. This scheme relies in particular on efficient tutorship to ensure that seniors hand on their competences to the young.

CNR’s labels

In July 2014, CNR was attributed the Diversity Label in recognition of its actions over the last ten years in favour of equality and preventing discriminations. Complementing this label, CNR joined the UN Global Compact in October 2015.

The campaign for diversity

Throughout 2015, CNR’s employees were able to discover the reality of diversity by way of a communication campaign. Six themes were dealt with through testimonies and portraits: the diversity of gender (women-men), origin, age (the young and seniors), and state of health (disability). The campaign was a means of combating preconceptions and making our differences a valuable resource.

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