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Values, commitments and HR policy

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Principles of CNR’s HR policy

The principles underlying CNR’s human resources policy are maintaining good labour relations, the promotion of a wide range of profiles and competences, and the commitment to employing young people.

CNR’s human resource policy is one of the main levers at the service of its corporate strategy. CNR’s goal is innovate and develop so it can assert itself as a European leader in renewable energies present at the heart of the regions.

To achieve this ambition, the HR policy is aimed at attracting and ensuring the loyalty of new talents, developing the employees’ competencesfavouring their individual and collective commitment to meet CNR’s challenges and aid it to succeed in a changing environment

Both ambitious and innovative, the HR policy is developed in conformity with CNR’s values: 

  • Listening to others
  • Excellence
  • Audacity
  • Respect

This HR policy is structured around four major challenges: 

Developing and adapting competences

They are necessary to anticipate needs linked to the changes occurring in the company’s activities and the emergence of new trades. To achieve this, CNR favours professional mobility to satisfy its needs and individual aspirations, attract and professionalise new talents by strengthening their integration and improving their competences
CNR places particular emphasis on its training offer, by giving special attention to actions linked to the specific characteristics of our installations, and making employees genuine actors in their professionalisation, by relying on tutoring and apprenticeship, and by continuing actions in favour of sandwich courses.

Employee motivation

This encourages employees to adhere to the company’s strategy. CNR wants to develop knowledge of the company and its different trades by favouring a cross-disciplinary and dynamic approach to skills within networks. Another priority consists in developing dialogue between employees and managerial objectives, by proposing adapted procedures for recognition and, finally, by improving the quality of life at work in order to maintain the commitment and motivation of all.

Labour relations

These go hand in hand with the changes occurring in the company. CNR’s objective is to favour high quality labour relations that are transparent and respect the social partners in the framework of consultation and negotiation.

The company’s corporate responsibility

It federates the employees around a common project in phase with the company’s values. Regarding human resources, it entails placing to the fore and prolonging the actions carried out by CNR regarding CSR, particularly by combating any form of discrimination, favouring diversity in all its dimensions, a source of wealth for the company, and by pursuing actions in favour of gender equality, integrating handicapped persons, the young, seniors and sectors of the public with difficulties finding employment.