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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a voluntary process in which companies integrate environmental, social and societal concerns in their activities and in their interactions with their stakeholders (suppliers, service providers, local authorities, associative partners, etc.). It is the company policy that makes it possible to integrate the challenges of sustainable development within the organization.

France’s roadmap aims to implement by 2030 the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN. The national strategy sets six priority orientations: a just transition, a low carbon society, the promotion of lifelong education, health, citizen participation and European and international action.

CNR’s CSR policy broken down into 4 axes and 19 commitments

Three principles at the heart of the CNR model guide our actions: the sharing with the redistribution of the wealth produced by the river, the balance with the reconciliation of the different uses of water and public / private governance and sustainable development with a global vision developer of territories and producer of 100% renewable energies. These economic, societal and environmental concerns are at the heart of this model, naturally oriented towards a strong CSR positioning.

CSR is the foundation of CNR’s industrial model of general interest, according to which all value-creating activities must act in favor of development that is socially fair, economically viable, respectful of the environment and, therefore, sustainable. . This ambitious and coherent CSR policy reinforces CNR’s commitment through actions that go well beyond the regulatory obligations of the Rhône concession holder.

Naturally positioned at the heart of the company’s 2030 strategy, CNR’s CSR policy is based on 4 axes and 19 commitments to contribute to sustainable development objectives through concrete actions:

  1. Preserving the environment: Acting for biodiversity – Facing the scarcity of water resources – Optimizing the environmental performance of our industrial processes – Reducing our carbon footprint – Eco-managing our waste

  2. Contribute to the ecological transition: Accelerate our production of renewable energy – Innovate to meet the challenges of ecological transition – Promote the consumption of green energy – Encourage alternative modes of transport – Communicate on the challenges of ecological transition

  3. Supporting regional development: Building sustainable projects with our stakeholders – Supporting changes in agricultural practices – Promoting local employment – Behaving as a responsible buyer

  4. Place people at the heart of the company: Maintain the priority given to health and safety at work – Strengthen the skills development of our employees – Act for diversity, professional equality and quality of life at work – Support quality social dialogue – Respect business ethics and human rights

Certificates obtained by CNR

Both internally and externally, the demand for global and objective recognition is strong. CNR frequently has the performance of its commitments in terms of sustainable development and CSR assessed by independent bodies. It has held the AFAQ 26,000 certificate and the Diversity Label since 2014, as well as the Advanced level of the Global Compact since 2019.

Focus on 4 commitments

Support the transformation of agricultural practices

Committed to the agricultural world to promote irrigation, CNR works in collaboration with its stakeholders to support them in their essential adaptation to climate change and the necessary sharing of water resources.

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Maintain a responsible purchasing policy

CNR’s purchasing policy is organized around three major axes: being a responsible local player, guaranteeing the development of the company’s assets and always being open to innovations.

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Building sustainable projects with our stakeholders

To carry out its projects, CNR relies on a multitude of partners. Each one concretizes the will of local anchoring and support to the territories. Professionalism, excellence and ethics are the key words to become a CNR partner.

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Respect business ethics and human rights

CNR is convinced that ethical exemplarity is a factor of performance and sustainability, that its practice is a daily practice and that it is everyone’s business.

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