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Setting up in the Rhone Valley

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CNR has several hectares available on its industrial and port sites along the Rhone, capable of responding to all the needs of every company. CNR offers long-term assistance to ensure the success of each installation and logistic project, notably through the rental of lots.

220 companies have already opted to set up in the Rhone ports, including Port de Lyon, and benefit from the installations and logistic services offered by CNR. Located right next to the Rhone the sites comprise a total surface area of 840 hectares of which 100 are still available.

Installation solutions accessible with the rental of lots

CNR offers:

  • The rental of serviced lots ready for construction that provide several solutions for connections depending on the transport modes companies require. On these lots, it is possible to build your own wharf and/or link up with the rail network, thus you can manage your river and rail logistics independently.
  • Certain sites provide the possibility of renting lots linked only to the road network, warehouses for logistics activities and business premises.

Making your installation a reality

CNR assists companies wishing to set up along the Rhone, through:

  • analysis of the lot development project,
  • advice on the architectural, environmental and landscaping dimensions of the project,
  • contacts with administrative bodies in the territory (government services, local authorities, development agencies, etc.) etc.

Ensuring long-term installation

CNR ensures long-term follow-up of every company, to:

  • readjust the size of the installation,
  • develop new traffic,
  • coordinate the sites and make contacts with other companies and actors in the territory,
  • orient actions as a function of specific needs (rail transport, building private access to the waterway, etc.).

Interested in setting up along the Rhone?

For all requests for information, contact: implantation@cnr.tm.fr

+ 33(0)4 26 10 86 15

Figures for 2018

  • 77,661 TEU (Twenty-foot equivalent units, unit of measurement for containers) transported every year.
  • 4.5 million tonnes transported.
  • 75% of global traffic is generated by industrial companies and the public ports installed on the river, on platforms developed by CNR.