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CNR, integrated expertise and an array of competences

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CNR’s Engineering Office is an integral part of the company, offering expertise recognized in France and internationally. Backed by its 80 years’ experience gained from developing and harnessing the River Rhone, the group also wields a wide array of competences.

Specialised expertise in hydroelectricity and river transport

Specialised in hydroelectric and river engineering, CNR’s Engineering Office benefits from two types of expertise: designing and operating hydropower installations. Thanks to feedback from experience, CNR Engineering tackles its clients’ projects through a pragmatic approach in line with current stakes:

  • reliability and safety,
  • optimisation of the value invested,
  • sustainable development,
  • the environment,
  • security,
  • innovation.

CNR, a wealth of competences in the service of engineering

CNR’s strength lies in the variety of the specialities practiced by its engineers and the synergy between them: hydrology, meteorology, hydraulics and modelling, the environment, design, civil engineering, electricity and hydromechanics.

CNR Engineering also benefits from the expertise of CNR’s specialists in maintenance and operations (O&M), in the management of renewable energies through the COCPIT optimisation centre, and in port developments.

Lastly, CNR Engineering relies on an integrated laboratory, the Hydraulic Structure Behaviour Analysis Centre (CACOH) endowed with rare skills in physical modelling, the monitoring of structures and metrology (hydrometry, bathymetry, hydrography).

Navigable waterways

CNR Engineering provides consulting services for modernising and maintaining infrastructures and designing new ones.
Locks, bridges;

  • Master plans for developing navigable waterways;
  • Developments of navigable waterways on canals and rivers;
  • Development of industrial ports and marinas;
  • Navigability studies;
  • Remote control of locks.

Hydroelectricity development schemes

CNR Engineering intervenes in the design and construction of new projects, and in the renovation of existing structures. Its engineers also propose diagnostics and advice to optimise the operation and maintenance of hydroelectricity development schemes. Hydropower plants,

  • Small hydropower plants,
  • Dams,
  • Automated and remote operation,
  • Regulation,
  • Production optimisation and management.  

River development and restoration

CNR Engineering integrates all the technical, economic, environmental, and social dimensions of projects by relying on the experience of its multidisciplinary teams and on the innovative solutions generated by CNR’s Research, Innovation and Development (RID) policy. Dikes, bank protection, eco-engineering;

  • Development of weirs;
  • Restoration of ecological continuity (fish passes, environmental DNA, etc.);
  • Restoration of the functioning of natural habitats;
  • Environmental management plans.

Hydraulic and hydrological management of river systems

CNR Engineering offers its knowhow in the daily forecasting, modelling and management of hydraulic and hydrological conditions, in the tools vital for drawing up master plans for watersheds at the regional and national scales, and in setting up networks for collecting and processing hydrometeorological data. Hydrological studies and forecast models,

  • Hydraulic studies on numerical models and scale models,
  • Flood risk management,
  • Hydrometeorological measurement networks,
  • Sediment transport and management,
  • Hazard studies.

Assistance for operation and maintenance

CNR Engineering offers full assistance for operation and maintenance. This ranges from commissioning development schemes to optimising the management of assets and improving the competences of new operators. These services are adapted for the management of navigable waterways and hydroelectricity development schemes and are organised around the following main components:

  • Production management: deployment of measurement networks, operational hydrometeorological forecasts, production management and optimisation, etc.
  • The operation of development schemes: operation and remote operation, monitoring, troubleshooting, management of interventions, etc.
  • Electromechanical maintenance and civil engineering: drawing up maintenance plans, stock management, routine maintenance, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, behavioural analysis of structures, etc.
  • Cross-disciplinary missions focused on management and direction (definition and sizing of the organisation), setting up and monitoring quality procedures, the safety of people and property, and ensuing that hydraulic safety complies with operating and maintenance rules.

To contact CNR Engineering

For all contact requests, contact:

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