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France’s leading producer of 100% renewable electricity, CNR’s knowledge of all the specific characteristics of hydroelectricity, wind power and solar power is second to none. By choosing to sell your energy to CNR, you make the choice of a financially solid and acknowledged actor on the European markets, with its own trading room and a team of meteorologists who optimise the value of your energy. In addition, you choose an enterprise committed to the development of renewable energies and expert in their management. CNR has been an aggregator in France since 2012 and offers you different types of contract.

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 Our aggregation offers

Buy the 100% renewable energy produced by CNR

Citizen, entrepreneur, local decision-maker, elected association... accompany, on your scale, the energy transition by relying you on renewable energy, abundant and produced locally: CNR energy. Thanks to the partnership between the ilek platform and CNR, you can now opt for green electricity from our hydropower plants in Avignon, Beaucaire and Bollène.

Developing new energies

We combine all the competences needed to assist you throughout the lifecycle of your installations, from studies to energy management, and from construction to operation. For us, producing wind power and solar energy involves deploying a complementary energy mix that associates the territories with the success of projects. We offer different participatory investment solutions as a function of local expectations and which can take the form of participation, bond subscriptions or loans.

Our engineering expertise

Discover the expertise of CNR Engineering acquired over 80 years of developing and operating facilities on the Rhone, and on accomplishing its client’s projects. CNR’s knowhow in hydroelectric and river engineering is reputed in France and internationally. CNR relies on its integrated laboratory, the Hydraulic Structure Behavioural Analysis Centre (CACOH) to carry out certain of its missions.

CNR Engineering
the new locks of the Panama Canal

Set up alongside the Rhone

CNR has built and manages 18 industrial and port sites on the Rhone, between Lyon and the Mediterranean Sea. They are multimodal sites (river, rail, road), about twenty kilometres from each other, that form a uniquely dense network with direct access to the ports of Fos-Marseille and Sète, the Mediterranean and the rest of the world. What is more, rail links to Northern Europe make this network a strategic transport corridor between the north and south of the continent.

Key numbers
860 HA
of land alongside the river of which 100 hectares are available.
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CNR est partenaire de la 5e édition du Lyon Urban Trail by night qui aura lieu le samedi 3 novembre.

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