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  • Unanimously passed by Parliament, the "Rhône Development” law will enable CNR to plan ahead until 2041

    The “Rhône Development” law was definitively passed on 17 February. It shores up and modernises CNR's model for integrated management of the Rhône river. As soon as this law is enacted, CNR will bolster its contribution to the ecological and energy transition of the country's regions up until 2041 through its commitments and responsibilities.

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  • Developer of the territories
    and 1st producer in France of 100% renewable electricity.

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  • A responsible company
    committed to biodiversity.

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15,3 TWh

electricity production
(electricity consumption of 6 million people)

Our missions

Our missions for the responsible development of the Rhone

The concessionary of the Rhone River since 1934, CNR has developed it by reconciling the different uses of water (hydroelectricity production, navigation, irrigation) and respect for nature.

  • Producing 100% green electricity

    CNR assists the territories to achieve their energy transition, by developing renewable energies (hydroelectricity, wind power, and solar energy) to provide sustainable solutions for electricity production.

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  • Promoting river transport

    CNR has developed 330 km of wide-gauge navigable waterway between Lyon and the Mediterranean and built 18 industrial and port sites to encourage river transport.

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  • Irrigating farmland

    CNR assists farmers with their need to adapt to climate change and the rarefaction of water resources. Its actions are aimed at promoting sustainable agriculture.

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  • Protecting nature

    Rehabilitating oxbows, building fish passes and preserving bees are among the many actions carried out by CNR in favour of wetlands and their fauna and flora.

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  • Being a corporate laboratory for tomorrow’s energies

    A major actor in energy transition, CNR innovates daily to explore the potential of renewable hydrogen for mass storage and solutions such as agrivoltaics, photovoltaic greenhouses and floating photovoltaic power plants.

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  • Exporting its engineering expertise

    Discover the expertise of CNR Engineering acquired over 85 years of developing and harnessing the Rhone, as well as from its clients’ projects. Its hydroelectricity and river engineering knowhow is acknowledged in France and internationally.

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Human resources

CNR recruits a wide diversity of skills

CNR offers diversified career paths to both new and experienced colleagues at Lyon (Head Office, Port de Lyon) and its 4 regional divisions (Upper Rhone - Rhone-Saone - Rhone-Isere - Rhone-Mediterranean).

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Key figures

  • 49

    Hydropower plants

  • 59

    Solar power plants

  • 59

    Wind farms

  • 330 km

    of wide-gauge navigable waterway

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