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Optimised management of renewable energies

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Thanks to the array of knowhow available to it, CNR controls the entire energy value chain.

The driving force of industrial excellence

Its 85 years’ experience on the Rhone have honed made CNR’s expertise in all the activities comprising the value chain: studies, designs, operating the structures, selling the production, prospection and developing assets. Thanks to its integrated industrial model, CNR masters all the skills necessary for its performance and developments. CNR can therefore provide unique expertise in managing intermittent energies, with the capacity to optimise and exploit its production, and propose customised offers at the most competitive prices.

Welcome to COCPIT, the expert in managing and exploiting renewable energies

A unique platform in France, the intermittent production optimisation and management centre (COCPIT) groups all CNR’s operational actors. Based in Lyon, they manage and optimise all CNR’s production assets to ensure optimal energy management. Highly reactive and efficient, COCPIT groups the men and women who:

  • manage the hydropower plants remotely,
  • plan the resources available to produce electricity as a function of the weather,
  • sell energy at the best price,
  • manage risk analyses regarding changes in the market.

Thanks to all its advantages, COCPIT is flexible enough to overcome every problem: it can manage the fluctuation of the Rhone’s discharges and thus reduce impacts on variances with forecasts. The tool knows how to adapt perfectly to changes in the market and regulations.

Backed by this expertise, CNR offers to third parties, namely the owners of hydro-, wind and solar power installations, the service of managing their energy and selling it on the markets.