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Building sustainable projects with our stakeholders

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CNR relies on a large number of partnerships to carry out its projects efficiently. Each partnership concretises the desire for local roots and support for the territories. Professionalism, excellence and ethics are the keywords for becoming a partner with CNR.

5 areas of action are involved by partnerships with CNR:

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  • Education and professional expertise: contribute to making renewable energies known, the trades of CNR.
  • Sport: CNR mainly supports nautical sports and sports activities practiced on the Rhone and its banks, in particular the ViaRhôna.
  • Culture: the valorisation of the cultural and historic heritage of territories neighbouring the Rhone concession.
  • Environment and biodiversity: work in favour of preserving the fauna and flora of the Rhone Valley.
  • Solidarity and integration: support and integration of persons subject to social precarity, isolation and the integration of persons at the margin of society or suffering from a disability.

CNR’s partners: compliance with strict principles


In order for CNR to support actions, the latter must:

  • comply with the rules of sustainable development,
  • be strongly rooted in the territory,
  • assert social and societal responsibility,
  • propose operations that can be adapted to other territories (to promote meshing).

CNR cannot support certain operations such as mechanical sports (except for electric propulsion) and violent sports, and pollutant, unethical or environmentally unfriendly activities. Nor can it support any initiative of a political, sectarian or xenophobic nature contrary to CNR’s values, in relation to obtaining a contract.

Request for partnership with CNR: come this way

To formulate a request for partnership with CNR and join the great CNR family, download the PDF by clicking here.

CNR seeks exemplary partners

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The efficiency of partners, their transparency and the morality of their practices make the difference in CNR’s choices. The actions proposed for partnership are validated, then supervised and monitored by the Partnership Sponsoring Committee (CMP). It meets 4 times a year and examines the requests presented to it. After having been accepted, the request is then subject to a contractual commitment between the parties that stipulates:

  • the amount,
  • the term,
  • the conditions of performance,
  • the consideration, if any.