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Ambitious growth targets while respecting biodiversity

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Rigorous studies of installations and implementation, thorough monitoring of environmental measures and assistance, participation with local authorities, communities, etc. CNR is pursuing its commitment in favour of clean energy production.    

CNR, a presence, assistance and follow-up from A to Z

CNR’s strength is its capacity to be present from the design phase of a project to the end-of-life of an installation. CNR designs and builds wind farms and solar power plants, and harnesses and manages energy until dismantlement or renewal when the latter is possible. CNR has long worked in close contact with local elected representatives and the inhabitants of municipalities. It also implements different tools for consultation when carrying out projects that encompass all the stakes of the territories where it operates (economic and fiscal impacts, landscapes, environment, biodiversity). The use of local resources and the redistribution of wealth are also essential values for CNR, always concerned with preserving territorial balance.

The interest of the territories is always taken into account

CNR’s development in the territories has relied on particular attention being given to respect for the environment in which it is installed. CNR mobilises all the resources necessary to favour the preservation of natural resources, the fauna and flora, and it also encourages setting up an agri-voltaic sector, which, as its name suggests, links electricity production with agricultural production. CNR now generates virtuous synergies by using sheep to maintain the vegetation of its concession, building solar powered greenhouses, and installing panels on the roofs of farm hangars. The planting of its concession with the seeds of wild plants also favours pollinating insects and avoids the development of allergens.

Associating the territories for the development of renewable energies

CNR has chosen to work with and for the territories by inviting them to participate in a rationale of joint construction that involves everyone and gives impetus to energy transition. This can only occur with the attachment and involvement of the community and its representatives.

In 2018, CNR set up two project companies with the territorial authorities and launched three crowdfunding campaigns. Thus, CNR sets in motion crowdfunding campaigns to build collaborative and community projects for green electricity, in partnership with the Enerfip platform. CNR also sets up companies with municipalities, like Charix and Echallon in Ain, to associate them in the design and governance of projects. CNR has also signed a partnership agreement with Énergie Rhône Vallée, whose main actors are the electricity syndicates of Ardèche and Drôme, to co-invest in solar energy. Thus, the territories are associated in the capital and the management of the plants.

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