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Initiatives for the future of great rivers

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Founded at the initiative of CNR, Initiatives for the Future of Great Rivers (IFGR) is an association in the general interest, chaired by Erik Orsenna, economist and member of the French Academy.

Collective of actors, IAGF give a singular voice to rivers, alongside other water actors. Gathering river managers, representatives of institutions (basin management agencies, and national supervisory bodies) and experts (climatologist, anthropologist, economist, historian, etc.), IFGR provides a forum for original dialogue (international, multidisciplinary, open to stakeholders and oriented towards action) for the rivers of the whole world.

Its works are organised around three themes: governance, human and ecosystem health, and the relation between rivers and oceans. It aims to make known and perpetuate the wealth represented by rivers for the benefit of the territories they cross, through collective reflection, spreading awareness among the general public, alerting and developing solutions.

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IFGR delegation to the French Embassy in China atthe 9th International Session – October 2019.