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Supporting the Rhone regions with the 5Rhone Plans

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The Rhone River is a common good and a wealth to be shared, preserved and enhanced for the benefit of all. CNR is involved over the long term in the development of the Rhone Valley and, to this end, carries out missions of general interest in the territories via specific programs called Plans 5Rhone.

The Missions of General Interest plans are staggered between 2004 and 2022. Through 3 full 5-year plans and a 4th 3-year transitional plan, CNR has invested €496 million net in the Rhone Valley.
The promulgation of the law relating to the development of the Rhône changes the MIG plans which become the 5Rhone Plans and which will be staggered until 2041.

Driven by the desire to make the Rhône a powerful driver of regional economic development and ecological transition, the 5Rhone Plans are deployed within the framework of 5-year plans, each for a net amount of €165 million.
They respond to specific needs by continually adapting to the reality of the territory, thanks to close collaboration with the territorial actors to implement strategic developments in a common vision of development of the Rhône Valley.

CNR thus technically and financially supports projects carried out by the territories (local authorities, associations, federations, etc.) or carries out other projects that meet their sustainable development objectives.

The 5Rhône Plans are divided into 5 sections which concern:

  • Production of hydraulic electricity and other energy uses (€40 million)
  • Navigation and river transport (€36 million)
  • Irrigation and other agricultural jobs (€22m)
  • The environment and biodiversity (€35 million)
  • Territorial projects (€32 million)

Developing green energies in the Rhône Valley

Développer les énergies renouvelables et les modes de production

  • Increase the production of hydraulic electricity with the flagship project of construction of the small hydroelectric power station of Vallabrègues.
  • Realize demonstrators allowing to exploit the different sources of renewable energies, such as water, wind and sun, in order to participate in the emergence of new production technologies.

Develop new services

  • Develop the production, storage and distribution of renewable hydrogen, in particular with the ÔH2 project (plant for the production of green hydrogen from renewable electricity at the Port of Lyon).
  • Develop new energy uses in favor of green mobility.

Support regional energy projects

  • Support the territories in the approaches and actions of the Territorial Air-Energy Climate Plan which promote energy sobriety, the local production of renewable energies or the greening of local energy uses.

Strengthening river transport in the Rhône Valley

Improve the quality of the navigation service

  • Modernize public quays, locks, create parking and waiting stations.
  • Modernize and rehabilitate the port and navigation works located within the perimeter of the geographical extensions.
  • Continue actions to restore the Haut Rhône to navigability: study of the Brégnier Cordon lock, restoration of the Canal de Savières.
  • Participate in marina dredging operations.
  • Develop services for waterway users (information system, collection and management of waste and wastewater, etc.).

Ports and freight transport

  • Develop new river and port sectors: circular economy, last mile logistics, etc.
  • Improve the competitiveness of the Port of Lyon and strengthen its link with the city.
  • Pursue the development of the other strategic port platforms on the axis: Loire sur Rhône, Salaise, Valence, Avignon and Arles by ensuring their competitiveness.
  • Contribute to the development of river navigation and ship repair trades.

River tourism (cruising and boating)

  • Develop new jetties for passenger boats in connection with the territories.
  • Support for communities and territories for the structuring of river and river tourism offers.
  • Support for the renovation and creation of marinas.

Verdissement du bassin

  • Supporting the development of engines for the river fleet, in particular through the financial contribution of the VNF Modernization and Innovation Assistance Plan.
  • Deploy green energy refueling infrastructure at the quay, in particular through high-power electrical terminals to allow the connection of boats.

Contribute to a more sustainable and healthy Rhone agriculture

Preserving water resources and optimizing their management

  • Support rehabilitation and modernization projects for existing irrigation networks to preserve water resources and optimize their management and sharing.
  • Support studies for collective irrigation projects from the Rhône to replace more fragile resources.
  • Support agricultural collectives in R&D projects aimed at reducing consumption per hectare and providing the right amount of water to the plant.
  • Support flood risk anticipation initiatives on farms.

Improving farm energy efficiency

  • Reduce the electricity consumption of farmers by developing agrivoltaism via demonstrators on different crop types along the Rhone valley.
  • Develop pilot projects to optimize the energy consumption of irrigation networks.

Agro-ecological transition

  • Support agro-ecological approaches in connection with the “water” and “energy” component by launching, among other things, calls for projects to reduce the impact on the environment (reduction of inputs, plant cover, innovative and disruptive approaches …).
  • Support the relocation of food systems: short circuits, territorial food projects, river tourism.
  • Support knowledge needs in terms of cultural practices, both through training, animation and awareness.

Make the Rhône Valley a living and dynamic biodiversity corridor

Sustainable water management

  • Continue the restoration of the Old Rhône, their complexes of lônes and river annexes.
  • Support wetland preservation operations.
  • Improve the “Rhône and tributaries” migration axis by participating in particular in the construction or improvement of fish crossing structures

Preservation of biodiversity

  • Preserve terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity by implementing concrete actions in favor of the environments and species of the Rhodanian valley (emblematic species of the river and ordinary species, etc.).
  • Support the fight against invasive alien species.
  • Reactivate historical partnerships and develop them via the network of expertise available in the territories.

Sustainable development

  • Intensify actions in favor of virtuous industrial development for the environment.
  • Supporting plans to combat pollution of the river by plastics.
  • Valuing the concession land with a view to the environmental performance of CNR’s assets.

Knowledge development, innovation and experimentation

  • Participate in R&D projects, experiments conducted in connection with or with the scientific community.

Supporting regional projects linked to the Rhône

Cycle routes

  • Finalize the ViaRhôna cycle route along the Rhône and connect it with river tourism.
  • Participate in local cycling loops to connect ViaRhôna more broadly to the territories and broaden the economic benefits.
  • Contribute to tourism and service to ViaRhôna users.
  • Video on the ViaRhôna


  • Participate in actions resulting from territorial tourism development plans.
  • Contribute to the structuring of river tourism and the emergence of tourist destinations (Haut Rhône, river Provence, etc.).
  • Support the development of tourist and leisure infrastructure linked to the river.

Shoreline development

Strengthen the link between the territories and the river in the municipalities bordering the Rhône by continuing actions to develop the banks and actions that enhance the landscape, culture and heritage of the Rhône, its territories and its inhabitants.

Territory projects

  • Support actions related to the river that result from territorial approaches (Ecological Transition Contracts, Climate Air Energy Plans, etc.).

Sports and cultural activities

  • Development of sporting and cultural activities linked to the river: fishing, boating, canoeing, rafting, rowing, jousting, etc.

5Rhone Plans integrated into the CPIER Plan Rhône Saône

The 5Rhone Plans supported by CNR integrate the State-Regions Interregional Plan Contract Rhone Saone Plan. Born from the desire to prevent the risk of flooding, the Rhône Plan has gradually been extended to other issues of the Rhône River, its valley and its inhabitants, in particular to integrate economic and environmental aspects. CNR, as the leading private contributor, has therefore naturally committed itself to this major shared project alongside the State and its public establishments, but also the Regional Councils of Occitanie, Provence-Alpes-Cote-d’Azur, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, and EDF.