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Maintain a responsible purchasing policy

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CNR’s purchasing policy is organised according to three main objectives: being a responsible local actor, ensuring the development of the company’s assets, and being constantly open to innovations.

What is CNR’s purchasing policy?

CNR’s purchasing policy is based on five principles:

  • upholding the need for fairness and transparency when choosing its suppliers,
  • close monitoring of the market for supplies and the needs of specifiers,
  • placing suppliers of adapted size in competition with each other and in proportions always adapted to the size of projects,
  • ensure continuity, by favouring lasting partnerships so that both CNR and its suppliers are in a win-win situation,
  • the requirement for corporate social responsibility when choosing suppliers.

1 purchasing policy = 6 major sectors

CNR’s purchasing policy is segmented into six main sectors:

  • Civil engineering: dredging of the Rhone, dike reinforcement, etc.
  • Mechanical engineering, gates and valves: purchases of valves, lock gates, renovation works, etc.
  • Electromechanical engineering and strong currents: renovations of alternators, purchases of high voltage transformers, etc.
  • Low voltage electricity and control and instrumentation systems: replacement of low voltage switchboards, electric protections, etc.
  • General purchases and intellectual services: computer services, consulting, studies, etc.
  • New energies: construction of new structures (turnkey or by lot) in wind and solar power, maintenance and operation services.

Purchasing: how can you access the portal?

To access CNR’s procurement platform, you must go to Apache, CNR’s purchasing portal. The entire call for offers process is done on Apache, from sending the tender documents to the final notification.