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Why join us?

1. CNR offers a wide variety of trades with a high level of expertise and innovation. Its knowhow in major projects is recognised in France and abroad. 
2. Working for CNR entails practicing a trade with meaning, a trade in the service of energy transition, the territories and the preservation of the environment. 
3. The offers of recruitment range from jobs for young graduates to the most experienced personnel

4. At CNR we are interested in your differences and your competences. Our recruitment process focuses on competences and the wealth of diversity available.
5. The job offers are distributed over a large geographical area with recruitments in Lyon and the entire Rhone Valley.
6. The company has a sustained volume of recruitment, in the service of the company’s development.

Varied and dynamic career paths

Facilitate your integration

New arrivals benefit from a full process of induction that facilitates the development of their competences: tutoring, a specific volume of training time, days for discovering the company, etc.

Develop your competences and gain recognition

  • 51,000 hours of training provided in 2017: 
  • E-learning
  • Managerial career paths
  • Teambuilding

Bringing your aspirations and the company’s needs closer together

  • There are several schemes available to assist your evolution:
  • Career mobility
  • PEPS
  • Bridges between trades
  • Coaching, mentoring

Encouraging sharing, cooperation and intergenerational dynamics

Knowhow transmission: 5,700 hours in 2017 Practice exchange communities