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Diversity at CNR

Diversity is a source of wealth that CNR works to cultivate every day: 

By favouring professional equality and mixing,

Recruiting and keeping seniors in employment,

Integrating marginalised sectors of the public regarding employment,

Assisting handicapped employees,

Preventing and combating discriminations.

CNR awarded a label

In July 2014, CNR was awarded the Diversity label, in recognition for its actions carried out over ten years in favour of equality and preventing discriminations. 

In addition to this label, CNR subscribed to the UN Global Compact in October 2015.

CNR is also a signatory of the charter on diversity and is committed to combating all forms of discrimination. 

Signatures to agreements

Two company agreements drafted by all the social partners have been signed recently: an agreement in favour of employing handicapped persons and an agreement on gender equality at work. These agreements demonstrate CNR’s desire to involve itself in promoting diversity.

Gender equality index

The law of 5 September 2018 “for the freedom to choose one’s professional future” introduced the obligation to provide results for wage equality between men and women, measured by an index (out of 100 points).

5 measurement indicators for 5 objectives:

  • Eliminate the differences between the salaries of women and men.
  • Give the same opportunity to women as for men to obtain increases.
  • Give the same opportunity to women as for men to obtain promotion.
  • Grant an increase to women in return for maternity leave.
  • Count at least 4 women out of every 10 employees receiving the highest salaries.

The value of the CNR 2018 index: 74 points

This score reflects our technical trades traditionally exercised by men. CNR is pursuing its policy in favour of equal treatment between women and men through negotiations alongside action plans.