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Vocational training, training courses and summer jobs

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Work-based training

Work-based training is a wonderful professional launching pad ranging from professional baccalaureate level to Master’s level
Every year, CNR recruits about 75 candidates for work-based training to assist them in obtaining their degree (95% success) and in learning a trade. 

Every trainee is assisted by an experienced and trained tutor, and benefits from monitoring during their apprenticeship with specific tools. A welcome day is also dedicated to new trainees to present the company and provide them with all the practical information they need. 


CNR is strengthening its commitment in favour of integration through work by way of an innovative scheme: Form’avenir. Form’avenir offers work-based training to permit learning a technical trade at CNR. In partnership with the Institute of Industrial Resources, this scheme has led to the training of 30 people of whom 23 were recruited by CNR.

Training courses

Every year, CNR receives about 100 students wishing to learn and train alongside our personnel. The subject of the training course is well-defined in advance.

Summer jobs

Taking a summer jobs is a good opportunity to make your first contact with company life, with varied profiles. 

About 70 students are received every year between CNR’s Head Office in Lyon and its 4 Regional Divisions in the Rhone Valley (Belley, Vienne, Valence and Avignon), with concern given to favouring diversity (gender equality, handicapped persons, persons from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, persons with difficulties finding work). 

Date of application: March to April
Period of employment: June to September

CNR’s advantages

  • Offers of work-based training and training courses along the entire Rhone Valley and at the head office in Lyon;
  • A large number of areas of activity: the environment, mechanical engineering, electromechanical engineering, management, etc.;
  • Personalised assistance tools;
  • Participation in transport and housing assistance;
  • A pool of trainees and apprentices monitored for recruitment on fixed-term and permanent employment contracts