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Serendi PV: Optimizing solar energy production in Europe through innovation

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Faced with environmental and climate challenges, renewable energies are a cornerstone of the ecological transition. Solar energy, through the availability and diversity of its production media, is a real opportunity to green domestic, commercial and industrial consumption with local electricity.

In order to increase photovoltaic production and its integration into the network, CNR is investing in the European and collaborative Serendi PV project. Its ambition is to develop innovative tools, offering two series of improvements for solar energy:

  • an increase in the lifespan, reliability, performance and profitability of the parks,
  • strong integration into electrical networks, with better fleet management.

This project gives a special place to innovative uses of photovoltaics: floating parks, panels integrated into buildings, long, or even double-sided.
Data from nearly 500,000 photovoltaic installations will be collected and analyzed in order to develop innovative technical and IT solutions, which will then be tested in real conditions.

Serendi PV combines the expertise of the 19 consortium partners, representing seven European countries. CNR contributes to the project at different stages by:

  • the provision of production and maintenance monitoring data,
  • the provision of photovoltaic power plants for the study and experimentation of solutions in real conditions,
  • the study and experimentation of IT management solutions.

With a budget of more than 12 million euros, the project benefits from a subsidy amounting to nearly 10 million euros. The Serendi PV project has received funding from the European program for research and innovation Horizon 2020, under Grant Agreement n°953016.

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