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Our trades

A major actor in European electricity markets and a leading company in sustainable development, CNR offers diversified careers in energy (operation, production management, the maintenance of installations, sales and development) and hydroelectric and river engineering.

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Our trades in energy

As France’s leading producer of exclusively renewable electricity CNR calls on a wide range and levels of competences, from operating and maintaining the installations (hydropower plants, locks, pumping stations, etc.) to selling electricity on wholesale marketse.

Main sprecialitites
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electromechanical engineering
  • Electricity/ automation/industrial computing
  • Developing new renewable energies (wind power, solar power, hydro power, etc.)
  • Marketing (back and middle office, trading)
  • Civil engineering
What education for what jobs?

Maintenance agent/Operating agent

  • Professional studies certificate/Baccalaureate in Industrial Maintenance and Equipment
  • A-level in Mechanical Engineering/Electrical Engineering, etc.
  • Professional studies certificate/A-level in Electrical Installation Equipment

Maintenance technician/Sales technician/Operations technician

  • Advanced Technical Certificate/Technical Degree in Industrial Engineering and Maintenance
  • Advanced Technical Certificate in Electrical Engineering / Technical Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Advanced Technical Certificate Construction /Technical Degree in Civil Engineering

Maintenance/Operations/Sales Engineer

  • Master specialised in Mechanical/Electrical/Energy/Civil Engineering
  • Engineering school, option: Mechanical/Electrical/Energy/Civil Engineering

Our engineering trades

Designer of hydroelectricity structures and management of the River Rhone, CNR offers a range of jobs and competences in the areas of hydroelectricity, river and environmental engineering, and supplies its services in France and abroad.

Main specialties
  • Electricity, automation
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering / Geotechnical engineering (dams, dikes, locks, etc.)
  • Hydraulics / Hydrology
  • Environment
What education for which jobs?

Sales engineer in Electricity / Automation/ Mechanics / Civil Engineering / Hydraulics / Hydrology/ Environment

  • Masters
  • Engeneering school

Sales technician in Electricity / Automation/ Mechanics / Civil Engineering / Hydraulics / Hydrology

  • Technical degree in electrical engineering and industrial computing / Technical certificate in Maintenance and Industrial computing
  • Degree in Energy/Degree in Project Management
  • Technical certificate in Mechanical, Automation and Industrial Engineering / Technical degree in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Technical degree in Civil Engineering /Technical certificate in Water Management.

Our trades in support functions

All the jobs with transversal skills contribute to the company’s performance and development.

Main specialities
  • Safety/Security/Quality
  • Computer/Systems and telecom development
  • Back and middle office (support for trading, finance, purchasing, etc.)
  • Law (public law, business law)
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Communication
What education for which jobs?

Legal expert/Accountant/Estate manager/HR manager/Computer analyst

  • Master’s degree, Engineering school, etc.
  • BSc in Business Administration, B.L. Bachelor of Laws, BSc in Accounting and Finance, BSc Computer Science, etc.