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Our trades in energy

CNR offers a very diverse range of trades and levels of competences, grouped into 6 major families of trades: operation, maintenance, business development, concession exploitation, infrastructures and support functions.

Our trades in operations

The personnel involved in operations operate and control in total safety all the systems, installations and structures to ensure the availability, safety and reliability of our production assets.

The specialities are: Electromechanical engineering – Remote control - Safety – Security.

Our trades in infrastructures

They ensure the perpetuation of the existing structures and respond to needs for developing or upgrading CNR’s infrastructures.

Specialities: Civil Engineering - Environment – Hydraulic Engineering - Hydrology – Multidisciplinary Project Management – Information Systems.

Our trades in maintenance

They guarantee the implementation of maintenance operations in the industrial perimeter validated by the company, in the framework of safety, quality, cost and lead-time objectives assigned for every intervention.

The specialities are: Mechanical engineering - Electricity - Control – Industrial computing.

Our trades in business development

They participate in the development of the renewable energy portfolios.

Specialties: Innovation / Marketing - Management / Strategy – New Energies.

Our trades in concession exploitation

These trades are involved in exploiting CNR’s concession, optimising the sale of energy and the development of associated services.

The specialties are: Forecasting - Optimisation – Estate Management - Missions in the General Interest - Sales.

Our trades in support functions

They support and advise operations to carry out CNR’s missions.

Specialities: Finance – Purchasing and Logistics – Human Resources - Law - Communication – Administrative Support - Auditing / Internal Oversight.