Human resources

Our human resources policy

CNR’s human resources policy is guided by social dialogue, encouraging a wide range of profiles and competences, and its commitment in favour of employment for young people.

In 2006, CNR drew up a social charter based on the principles of respect, fairness and openness. This charter is based on 3 commitments:

  • Privileging consultation and social dialogue;
  • Favouring a diversity of profiles and competences by assisting new recruits, by actively participating in integrating and training young people and disabled persons, and by encouraging the transmission of knowhow from one generation to another;
  • Practicing the responsible and fair management of human resources.

France, Rhone (69), Lyon, 4e arrondissement, siege social de la Compagnie Nationale du Rhone, service ingenierieSeveral new company agreements on employment and disabled persons have been signed, likewise for professional equality between women and men and for the provisional management of jobs and competences. These agreements negotiated with all the unions are a concrete illustration of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Diversity on centre stage

A communication campaign was deployed throughout 2015 to show CNR’s employees the practical reality of diversity. Using testimonies and portraits, six themes were investigated: the diversity of gender (women-men), origin, age (youth and age) and the state of health due to physical handicaps. It was a means of combating prejudices and transforming our differences into wealth!

Employee career path development

Following the agreement on the provisional management of jobs and competences signed for the period 2014-2017, CNR has set up an Employee Career Path Development scheme. It is intended to draw the employees’ projects and the company’s needs closer together. It is a winner-winner system that allows employees to build their professional itinerary and the company to harness the competences of tomorrow. This framework foresees calls for competences with a period of assistance or training and identification of bridges between trades.

Employing young trainees

A total workforce of 1 355 

1/3 of CNR’s employees are under 35 years old

100 trainees are received every year, which amounts to more than 200 months of training courses

This figure includes 4 to 5% interns

Since 2011, nearly 50 % of interns applying for a post at the end of their internship are recruited on full-time contracts by CNR

4,4 % of the payroll dedicated to continuous training, with more than 48,000 hours and a budget exceeding €3 M

(figures on 31 december 2016)

CNR labelled

In July 2014, CNR received the Diversity label, in recognition of it actions carried out over ten years in favour of preventing discrimination and promoting equality.


Christian Heimburger
CNR’s Director of Human Resources

The wealth of a company is essentially based on the women and men that compose it. To achieve our ambitions, which are strong – industrial excellence, developing our production assets, innovation - CNR must be able to rely on competent and motivated employees and thus increase and develop its human capital.

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