CNR model

An actor in sustainable development

More than a simple approach, sustainable development was an intrinsic component of CNR’s foundation. It is intimately linked to its missions and its strategy of corporate responsibility.

mission-cnr-production-energie-renouvelableSustainable development is the fulcrum of the CNR model, according to which all the activities that create value must drive development that is socially fair, economically viable and environmentally friendly. 


It is embodied by five major commitents:

  • The production of 100% renewable energy and its use in innovative ways for the benefit of our clients and society as a whole.
  • Fair sharing of the added value between all the stakeholders: the State, the shareholders, the employees and the territories in which we operate.
  • Controlling the impacts of our activities on the environment and biodiversity, respect for natural habitats and their enhancement.
  • Developing the territories in the framework of our Missions in the General Interet and our spirit of public service.
  • A labour policy based on dialogue, competence management, equal job opportunities and individual and collective recognition of work.


  • Our 9 commitments in favour of energy transition and the climate


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