CNR model

Strategic vision

CNR is following three strategic directions to achieve its targets for 2020: strengthen its unique model, continue its development in renewable energies and become a laboratory for tomorrow’s energies.

Strengthening the CNR model

lancement-de-chantiersResponsible for developing the Rhone since 1934, CNR intends to reassert the specific nature of its model: taking into account the public interest, its capacity for redistributing wealth and its close relations with the territories. This is done in particular by pursuing and extending its Missions in the General Interest (MGI) to which it has committed itself to contributing €160 M every five years.

Pursue our development in renewable energies

CNR is continuing to assert itself as a European leader in renewable energies by devoting a budget of €160 M a year to develop its hydropower, wind power and solar power assets outside the perimeter of its concession on the Rhone. The aim is to reach an installed capacity of 4 GW in France and 300 MW abroad by 2020.

Become an enterprise-laboratory for tomorrow’s energies

developpement-des-energies-futurTo reinforce its position as a major player in energy transition, CNR aims to make innovation an absolute priority involving all the company’s employees. The goal is to play an active role in the emergence of the new technologies that will forge the energy of tomorrow’s world. Thus CNR is pursuing several paths of development: hydrogen, marine energy, energy storage and smart grids.




Elisabeth Ayrault
Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of CNR

Already, today, 13% of our installed capacity lies outside the Rhone. This proportion will increase to reach 15, 20 and even 30% in the future. We also want to develop services for managing and marketing intermittent energies on behalf of third parties and intensify our effort to develop innovative technologies to make CNR an enterprise-laboratory for tomorrow’s energies.


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