CNR model

Purchasing policy

The objective of the Purchasing Department is to facilitate CNR’s development in three strategic directions:

  • Guarantee CNR’s position as a responsible local actor by seeking and working with local suppliers. CNR’s purchases amounted to a total of almost €83 M in 2014, supplied by companies located in the Rhone Valley.
  •  Aid CNR to develop its assets by actively participating in major construction projects. To do this, the purchasing department is involved upstream in the expression of needs.
  • Permit CNR to obtain external innovations by monitoring suppliers’ innovations (participation in trade shows, meetings with innovative companies) and by favouring offers of technical variants during calls for tenders.

Our purchasing policy is structured around 5 principles:

  • Fairness, transparency and non-discrimination in dealing with suppliers, whatever their size 
  • Sensitivity to the needs of specifiers and the supply market
  • Organising competition between suppliers of adequate size and number regarding the size of projects;
  • Durability, by favouring the establishment of lasting partnerships in a winner-winner relationship with our suppliers
  • Responsibility, by including the demand for societal responsibility in the selection criteria for suppliers (health, safety, respect for the environment, assisted jobs, etc.) and by ensuring compliance with the regulations by our partners (agreement written prior to each mission).

Six major purchasing sectors

  • Civil engineering: dredging of the Rhone, dike reinforcement, monitoring structures.
  • Mechanics, gates: purchase of blades, gates, lock gates, renovation works, etc.
  • Electromechanical engineering and strong currents: renovation of alternators, purchases of high voltage transformers, etc.
  • Low voltage electricity and control and instrumentation: replacement of low voltage switchboards, electrical protection devices, etc.;
  • General purchases and purchases of intellectual services: office furniture, computer services, consultants, studies, etc.
  • New energies: construction of new structures (turnkey or lot basis) in wind power and solar power, maintenance and operating services.


The APACHE purchasing portal

APACHE is CNR’s purchasing platform. It is used for referencing and evaluating suppliers, issuing calls for tenders, issuing orders, etc. Any company that wishes to participate in a call for tenders issued by CNR must enrol on APACHE beforehand. An account is assigned to each supplier and service provider in which they must fill-in information about their company: address, administrative and financial data, etc. They receive invitations to participate in tender procedures via the portal. Thus the entire tender procedure is performed on APACHE:  the dispatch of the tender specifications, the submission of tenders, demands for clarification, updates of offers, negotiation, acceptance/refusal.

Become a supplier for CNR

Regarding contracts for works, supplies and services, CNR and its subsidiaries are subject to European Directive no. 2004/17/CE relating to special sectors. The large contracts established by CNR exceeding the thresholds set by European regulations must be published beforehand in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)

Qualification or Procurement Notice ?

For its non recurrent purchases, CNR publishes a “Procurement Notice” that must be answered by candidates that wish to make an offer. If they meet the criteria, they are selected to participate in the call for tenders.

For its recurrent purchases, CNR publishes a “Request forQualification that candidates must answer. CNR then evaluates these companies on the basis of a set of technical, financial, QHSE, logistic and legal criteria, etc.

The European qualification systems (in Excel spreadsheet form):

  • 14-093 - SQE - Photovoltaic panels
  • 14-288 – SQE - Alternator backup plan 
  • 15-047 SQE - Solar power plant construction fitters 
  • 15-055 SQE - Fixed wheel gates 
  • 15-057 SQE - Trach racks
  • 15-124 SQE – Turbine blade supply

Contract below the publication threshold

All companies can asked to be referenced as suppliers of CNR outside the Procurement notice and Qualification procedures. They simply have to contact the Purchasing Department and meet the persons competent in the activity concerned (technical and purchasing).

To contact the Purchasing Department, request an application form on the APACHE purchasing portal.


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