CNR model

Partnership request

CNR answers requests for partnership that fall within its patronage and sponsoring policy in four areas: education, sport, culture and solidarity.

Procedures and form

demande-de-partenariatPartnership requests are examined 4 times a year at the Patronage and Sponsorship Committee meetings. Each partnership is subject to a contractual agreement between the parties that stipulates the amount, the duration, the counterparties if any and its conditions of performance.

All partnership requests must be made by filling in a downloadable form and sent by email to

The principles to be upheld

The actions supported by CNR must uphold:

  • Respect for the rules of sustainable development
  • The ambition to root the actions in the territories
  • The assertion of social and societal responsibility
  • Operations that can be adapted to other territories (meshing)

Excluded are projects that support motor sports, except for electrically powered vehicles, combat sports and any pollutant, unethical and environmentally unfriendly activities.