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Partnership policy

In 2014, CNR adopted a new approach to its involvement in patronage, partnership and sponsoring. Its ambition: to promote its values and strengthen its reputation and its image.

banque-alimentaire-du-vaucluseIn addition to its Missions in the General Interest, and in line with them, CNR is committed to numerous partnerships that concretely demonstrate the strength of its desire to forge local roots and its support for the territories. These actions are performed under the seal of excellence, professionalism and ethical conduct. They have been supervised and monitored since 2014, by a Patronage and Partnership Committee (CMP), in which CNR’s 4 Regional Directions are represented.

Making our values known

The objective sought is to both strengthen CNR’s reputation and image and to promote our values of respect, fairness and openness. The CMP takes particular care to ensure that these partnership operations are consistent with the principles of sustainable development we hold dear. Thus this excludes support given to mechanical and violent sports as well as to pollutant activities. Our patronage policy concerns four main themes and is set out in a charter: culture, sport, solidarity and education.

Focus on
CNR partenaire de l'aviron français

Sponsoring the French rowing teams

CNR has long supported rowing through its developments on the Rhone, which make practicing it easier. We are also involved in the organisation of competitions and back rowing clubs in the Rhone Valley. This commitment took on a new facet with the signature, in 2014, of a three-year partnership with the Fédération française d’aviron (FFA) (French Rowing Federation). The French teams wore CNR’s livery for the first time at the World Championships of Aiguebelette (Savoie), in September 2015. In 2016, we accompanied the teams of France at the Olympic Games in Rio, where they won the bronze in the lightweight coxless four, and gold in lightweight double sculls.

A natural understanding

  • For Jean-Jacques Mulot, the President of the FFA, the partnership with CNR was natural: “We immediately identified common values: a shared playing field, the will to perform, respect for nature, solidarity, humility, openness to others, and the taste for effort and discovery”.
  • An Avignon man, Jérémie Azou (vice World Champion 2014, 2013, 2009 and 2008 ; European Skulls Champion 2014 and 2013 ; and Olympic champion at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 in lightweight double sculls) thinks that this partnership is an opportunity for French rowing: “The chemistry is right between us. CNR’s energy policy fits perfectly. And we are in the same business though a few terawatts apart! CNR’s commitment is giving our federation a second wind. It’s a dynamic, efficient and exemplary enterprise. I hope that we’ll be up to it, with CNR as locomotive to guide us to world excellence”.

Four areas of action

  • Sport : support is given to water sports practiced on the Rhone, especially canoeing, kayaking and rowing. We also support cycling and roller skating on the ViaRhôna and sponsor several trail running events on the banks of the Rhone.
  • Culture : communication and enhancement of cultural and historic heritage in the territories. In particular, this takes the form of sponsoring music festivals (classical, jazz) and other cultural events (e.g., the Lyon Festival of Light, Luminescences d’Avignon, etc.).
  • Solidarity : support is given to the social integration of marginalised and disabled persons. Thus we are committed to helping 10 food banks in the Rhone Valley by way of financial and logistic support. We also support the development of disabled sports by organising competitions and the development of equipment that is specific (canoe) or accessible for reduced mobility persons (angling jetties).
  • Education and communicating on our trades : we support actions aimed at disseminating information on renewable energies and CNR trades.

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