CNR model

CSR policy

Coded in CNR’s genes, sustainable development and resocietal responsibility are embedded in every level and in every decision taken by the company, making them a genuine asset for its development.

Intrinsic components of its corporate model, unique in France, CNR’s social, economic and environmental concerns forged its development long before the concepts of sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility emerged. Due to its legal status, the concession it holds on the Rhone and the missions assigned to it, CNR’s policy has never been determined solely by financial. On the contrary, sustainable development and societal responsibility are ingrained in the actions performed by CNR. They are based on four essential points:

  • The efficient and well-managed production of 100% renewable electricity combined with the ambition to innovate in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s energies;
  • The preservation of the environment with the development of river transport, sustainable agriculture and the hydraulic and ecological restoration of the river;
  • The fair redistribution of part of the wealth created for the benefit of the territories bordering the river by virtue of its missions in the public interest, on the one hand, and to the State, its shareholders and its employees on the other.
  • Recognition of the essential role played by the women and men who work for CNR and that of the constructive dialogue established with the social partners.


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Measuring CSR actions

CNR has the performance of its CSR commitments assessed by independent bodies. In 2014, CNR obtained 3 new certifications valid for years:


The reference in France for CSR, this label is awarded after the evaluation of the 7 core questions of standard ISO 26000, en in particular the recognition of human capital, upholding the basic rights of the individual, loyalty and responsibility on the markets and combining the interests of the company and the public.

  • AFAQ 26000

This certification evaluates pertinence and performance based on social and environmental indicators.


This label asserts CNR’s label commitment in favour of equality and the prevention of discriminations relating to gender (women/men), age (young/older employees), origin (social, ethnic, cultural), health (disability/illness), religion and sexual predilection.

International recognition

Also, in 2015, CNR signed the UN Global Compact intended to bring together companies, United Nations organisations, the world of work and civil society around six universal principles grouped in four main areas :  

  • Human rights 
  • International labour standards
  • The environnement
  • Combatting corruption

The biggest international initiative regarding Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), this compact brings together 13,000 organisations working in 160 countries, including 1,100 French companies and organisations.

CNR partenaire des Banques Alimentaires

CNR and food banks, a lasting partnership

Closely involved with 5 food banks since 2008, in 2013 CNR extended its support to all the departments bordering the river. It is now a partner of 10 food banks in the Rhone Valley and the French Federation, and supports their missions to distribute food and combat food waste.

In addition to financial support amounting to €165,000 a year, CNR provides logistic aid to transport and store food and assist the voluntary involvement of its employees in local initiatives.

In 2012 CNR was awarded the “socially responsible company” “label from the Federation of Food Banks, thereby demonstrating the strength and constancy of its involvement.