CNR model

River transport

River transport is an economic and ecological solution of the future. This mode of transport satisfies the logistic needs of companies, and reduces traffic congestion along the Rhone Valley. It also creates jobs.

CNR works to strengthen the Rhone-Saone corridor by modernising its existing port infrastructures and building new ones. The aim is to make the Rhone-Saone corridor a major trading route between the heart of Europe and the Mediterranean.


  • Strengthen the position of Port de Lyon as the leading port of the basin
  • Requalify sites such as Loire-sur-Rhône to optimise the waterway
  • Develop industrial and port sites, especially those of Avignon-Courtine and Le Pouzin, in view to handling combined modes of transport and meshing the territory with multimodal port facilities

Widening the range of services for skippers

  • Upgrading the information services: the introduction of an automatic identification system (AIS) and a mobile InfoRhône application
  • Improving the entry of boats into the locks
  • Commissioning a navigation simulator at the training centre of Port de Lyon. This centre will train 25 new skippers from now to 2020

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