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Energy and sustainable mobility

In order to combat climate change, the public authorities aim to increase the share of renewable energies in the French energy mix and develop modes of electric transport. CNR contributes to reaching these objectives.

CNR is committed in two directions in the framework of its Missions in the General Interest : increase its hydroelectricity production capacities and promote the development of electric mobility.

chantier-pch-de-rochemaureHarnessing the energy of the Rhone

CNR builds small hydropower plants (SHPP) to harness the compensation water of the natural branches of the Rhone. These SHPPs are often combined with works to restore the ecology of the oxbows, branches of calm water along the Rhone harbouring a wealth of biodiversity, and sometimes the construction of fish passes to favour fish migrations. Thus CNR commissioned the small hydropower plants of Lavours (Ain) and Rochemaure (Ardèche), and launched works to build the SHPP of Vallabrègues in Gard (studies in progress). The annual production of the SHPP of Rochemaure (53 GWh), for example, is equivalent to the average annual consumption of a town of 17,000 inhabitants.

station-de-recharge-electrique-st-romain-en-galDeveloping sustainable electric mobility 

In collaboration with local authorities, CNR is deploying a network of electric charging points along the Rhone to charge the batteries of electric vehicles in less than 30 min. 52 electric charging points will be installed from now to 2016 and will be no more than 30 km apart. They will be supplied with CNR’s 100% renewable electricity. CNR is also experimenting with innovative solutions for logistics and electric transport, such as the mobile river waste dump.


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