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CNR has made 9 commitments that mark each of its actions in order to combat climate change and promote energy transition

Share reflection and action

  • Participate in training the “consum-actors” of tomorrow: the actors of a new energy world are made aware from infancy, thanks to education programmes.
  • Associate the community and local authorities in certain projects: investment solutions (participation, purchasing bonds, loans, etc.) are adapted to the local expectations of the stakeholders.
  • Strengthen public consultation: local monitoring committees that gather elected representatives, the neighbouring population and associations, are systematically organised before registering construction permits.
  • Widen the CSR strategy: among other things, develop company mobility plans that favour public transport and carsharing, a fleet of electric car and bicycles made available to the employees, etc.

Contribute to the new energy world

  • Test the energies of tomorrow: explore new paths (marine hydrokinetic turbines, electric corridor along the Rhone) and forge original partnerships.
  • Extend production in solar and wind power: pursue the zero-emission policy in a mix of water, wind and sun generated by local natural resources.
  • Share knowledge in France and abroad: promote the decentralised and participatory model elsewhere in France and beyond.

Respond to the challenge of climate change

  • Encourage alternative mobility: electric mobility with zero emission, promote hydrogen engines for land and river transport, etc.
  • Support sustainable agriculture: experiment with new agricultural techniques to limit the consumption of water and phytosanitary products in order preserve biodiversity.