Promoting river transport

Develop your multimodal logistics

Do you want to develop multimodal logistics to transport your goods? We offer solutions adapted to your needs, providing access to the waterway and the railway network, in connection with the MedLink Ports network, and covering the entire Rhône-Saône basin.

infrastructures-portuairesOur solutions providing access to the waterway

  • Build your own wharf to manage your river logistics,
  • Use the services of a CCI port (managed by the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry) which provides boat loading /unloading operations and additional logistics services,
  • Use CNR wharves: infrastructures made available to you by CNR to manage your routine / punctual traffic.

Our railway access solutions

  • Link your plot to the railway network by setting up at one of our 8 port sites with railway branch lines;
  • Use the services of a CCI port to ensure train loading/unloading and additional logistics services.

CNR assists you in collaboration with the MedLink Ports network MedLink Ports

  • Preliminary analysis of your needs (evaluation of tonnage, port infrastructures, type of port structure required, etc.).
  • Contact with a logistics advisor of MedLink Ports to carry out your advisability study.
  • Assistance with actors in river transport, etc.
Focus on

The MedLink Ports network

The MedLink Ports development agency was founded in January 2015, from a partnership between the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille (GPMM), Voies navigables de France (VNF), the ports of the Rhone-Saone basin and CNR. MedLink Ports is responsible for promoting river goods traffic and developing the multimodal supply of port platforms over the whole Rhone-Saone basin. The MedLink Ports network now represents:

  • 9 multimodal platforms covering 4 French regions and serving French towns and cities: Pagny, Chalon-sur-Saône, Mâcon, Villefranche-sur-Saône, Lyon, Vienne-Sud, Valence, Avignon-Le Pontet and Arles;
  • 2,600 meters of wharf;
  • 50 ha of storage capacity
  • 460 ha of land in reserve for logistic and industrial installations;
  • 2 marimtime ports : Marseille/Fos and Sète

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Key figures


The Rhone-Saone basin is:

100,000 TEU Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit, container measurement unit) transported every year

6.4 million tons transported

including 3.8 million tons mhandled on our sites