Promoting river transport

The services of Port de Lyon

The quality of our infrastructures and our services, combined with our geographical position, has already convinced major corporations in France to use Port de Lyon as a genuine multimodal hub.

 River services

vue-aerienne-port-de-lyon-terminal-2CNR constantly optimises the infrastructures of Port de Lyon to facilitate the river logistics of enterprises and the activity of bargemen. Our facilities and services include:

  • 7 km of riverside mooring space
  • 4 docks linked to the Rhone and la Saone
  • 30 riverside lots  
  • 2 container and heavy load terminals managed by Lyon Terminal, a CNR subsidiary
  • A reception area for bargemen equipped with water and electricity points
  • Privileged links with the 17 other multimodal port sites developed by CNR between Lyon and Marseille
  • Availability of wharves and wharf handling areas for specific handling operations, loading and storage of goods
  • Management of empty containers performed by enterprises located in the port.

Railway services

Port de Lyon can receive all types of train, especially long trains (up to 750 m). Every year, more than 2,000 trains (28,000 wagons) use our infrastructures, transporting a total of more than 300 million tons of goods. Our facilities and services include:

  • 23 km of railway linked directly to the national rail network,
  • A marshalling yard with 12 sidings including two 750 m tracks,
  • Regular services to the whole of Europe,
  • Possibility of direct delivery to the plot by train,
  • A shunting locomotive available 24/7,
  • The tracks are available 7 days a week,
  • Traffic commissioners are available directly on site,
  • Handling of goods/containers.

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Lyon Terminal, specialist in containers


Lyon Terminal, which operates in Port de Lyon, is the leading multimodal platform of the Lyon region, specialised in handling containers and heavy loads. Lyon Terminal is a joint stock company of which 68.08% of the capital is owned by CNR, 15.96% by the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille 15.96%, 13.46% by the Compagnie Fluviale de Transport and 6.5% by Naviland.

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Road services

To ensure your goods are shipped where you want them to go, the services available at Port de Lyon are capable of handling from 4,500 to 5,000 trucks a day. Several road hauliers are installed in the port.

Port de Lyon is served by:

  • 11 km of roads
  • A category 3 route for low-loaders.

Specific services improve the comfort of truck drivers:

  • A restaurant open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • A secure pre/post shipment truck park (parking limited to 24h and 2h for the transport of hazardous materials)
  • Toilets and showers.

Container terminals

Two container terminals, T1 and T2, managed by Lyon Terminal, a CNR subsidiary, are equipped with efficient facilities:

  • A 20 ha bonded storage area;
  • Wharves equipped with a roll on/roll off ramp of 800 tons;
  • 1 fixed gantry crane at T1 with a capacity of 250 tons for handling containers and heavy loads;
  • 1 mobile gantry (length 87m) capable of travelling 200 metres along the wharf - Performance: 25 lifting operations of 40 tons an hour;
  • 5 Reach Stackers;
  • 1 mobile crane (33 tons at 18 m).

Multimodal connection:

  • 3,200 meters of railway terminals,
  • Weekly rail shuttles to Norther Europe,
  • Weekly river shuttles to Fos-sur-Mer.