Promoting river transport

Port de Lyon

Port de Lyon is the bridgehead of a basin network of 18 multimodal platforms developed by CNR on the Rhone, stretching from Lyon to the Mediterranean. It handles 12 million tons of goods every year and its container activity is booming (+20% in 2014).

A multimodal logistics centre

Installed at the heart of France’s second largest city, Port de Lyon provides a multimodal infrastructure combining five modes of transport: river, river-maritime, rail, road and pipeline.

A strategic position

  • Port de Lyon is located within reach of the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille, in direct contact with the Rhone-Saone river corridor, the French railway network and major European highways. Thus it facilitates trade with eastern France, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and, from there, the rest of the world.
  • Regular rail and river shuttles link Marseille/Fos to Lyon, making Port de Lyon a bridgehead for container traffic. 12 million tons of goods transit via Port de Lyon every year.
  • Port de Lyon is the bridgehead of a network of 18 industrial and port sites and 9 wharves operated by CNR along the Rhone, in direct liaison with the ports of the Saone.

The objectives of Port de Lyon

  • Promote good transport by river and rail, in line with French and European policies to combat climate change;
  • Durably contribute to the development of the City of Lyon ;
  • Make available to enterprises optimal conditions of reception, services and the use of the multimodal platform.

Manage the port in harmony with the city

In the framework of CNR’s sustainable development policy, Port de Lyon has been committed since 2006 to an environmental management approach comprising three sections:

  • Controlling its impacts on the environment and human beings by incorporating the prevention of industrial risks and pollution;
  • Improving the site’s visual quality in line with the architectural and landscaping charter;
  • Strengthening relations with the stakeholders (enterprises and local authorities).

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Consistent with the principles of sustainable development upheld by CNR, le  aims at balancing the development of the port, urban development and environmental quality, to optimise the management and attractiveness of the site.

When allocating the lots, le Port de Lyon therefore gives priority to projects using multimodal transport (river and rail) in the service of the city. This is concretised by the formulation of a land use plan for CNR's, recourse to calls for projects, studies of industrial sectors (economic benchmarking) and support for container transport. The port also aims to develop a coherent supply of railway infrastructures by optimising the capacities of the marshalling yard. 

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