Producing 100% green electricity

A partner of the territories in wind power and solar power

CNR conceives its renewable energy developments in concert with the territories in a spirit of joint construction. This is done with one requirement, environmental excellence, and a commitment to redistributing the returns so that the stakeholders can share the benefits.

A partner in your projects

In the framework of its policy of acquiring assets in wind power and solar power, CNR assists, advises and supports the territories to carry out their projects, whether they involve:

  • Developing a wind power or solar power project in partnership,
  • Joint investment in your wind power or solar power project,
  • Purchasing your wind power or solar power installation, whatever its age.

Our philosophy: consultation

achat-de-votre-energie-eolienneCNR does its utmost to associate all the actors involved in its wind power or solar power projects: local authorities, landowners, government services, consumer associations, etc. In the case of wind power, a local supervisory committee is systematically established to associate local actors in defining the project.

Environmental requirement

For all our wind power and solar power projects, we have chosen sites that do not endanger fauna, flora, local heritage or the habitat. Regarding solar power, we choose sites already marked by human activity, without coming into conflict with farm use. As for wind power, we pay special attention to the protection of biodiversity, habitat and landscape. 

Redistribution to the stakeholders

It is essential for us that the stakeholders share the benefits of our wind warms and solar power plants. Thus we design innovative frameworks to ensure that the local authorities involved not only benefit from collecting the tax specific to operating the installation, but also a share of the income generated through financial participation in our projects.

Associating the community through participatory funding

Parc-eolien-du-pouzin-ardecheTo draw still closer to the stakeholders, we also want to give both the community and local authorities the possibility of investing in certain of our projects. This is one of the nine commitments that we have made in favour of energy transition. Depending on local expectations, these investment solutions take the form of participation, bond purchases and loans. 

Key Figures

Triple our production in 5 years

France’s leading green electricity producer, we are pursuing our strategy of zero emission and aim to triple our solar power and wind power production in the next five years, in France and abroad.

End-2016, CNR had a total of:

  • 457 MW of installed capacity in wind power with 37 wind farms
  • 61 MWp (megawatts-peak) of installed capacity in solar power with 17 solar power plants
alain martin

Alain Martin, 
Mayor of Le Pouzin (Ardèche)

“CNR has long been a trusted partner. We know how much it is concerned by the river and the population, and the professionalism with which it performs its projects and supervises its works. Harnessing the sun and wind with CNR seemed an obvious choice. What’s more, the sites have generated many direct and indirect jobs, which is important in today’s world”.

In 2009, a wind farm generating 4.6 MW and a solar power plant generating 3 MWp were commissioned at Le Pouzin. Both were built and are operated by CNR


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