Producing 100% green electricity

Solar power offer

Are you a solar power producer? CNR helps you to profit from its strategic position on the renewable energy market and purchases your production under the best conditions, flexibly and securely.

cnr-expert-en-gestion-de-l-energie-photovoltaïqueCNR now operates 17 solar power plants whose installed capacities range from 0.1 to 4 MWp and total 61 MWp. Since its first solar power plant was commissioned in 2008, CNR has acquired acknowledged expertise in managing and forecasting production. CNR’s team of meteorologists and forecasting tools such as APOGEES® (wind and solar power management and optimisation application) are among the most efficient on the market.

The national reference aggregator

As an electricity producer, your site must belong to a balancing perimeter (aggregator). Our contracts ensure that your production facilities are automatically linked to our balancing perimeter, at no cost.

Thus CNR allows you to profit from its strategic position of balance responsible entity for the entire balancing perimeter of CNR, ENGIE (formerly GDF-Suez) and SHEM (Société hydroélectrique du Midi). The variances at each production site of this very large perimeter managed by us offset and combine with each other, limiting adjustment costs and providing you with the best purchase prices for your energy.

Our purchase offers in France and Germany

une-offre-photovoltaïque> On the open market

  • The ‘Security” offer with a fixed and guaranteed purchase price throughout the term of the contract.
  • The “Harmony” offer with a secured and competitive purchase price for more than 50% of your production.
  • The “Market” offer with a variable purchase price, indexed on the Epex Spot market prices.

> With the new obligatory purchase contract

  • The “Additional remuneration” offer in the framework of the new mechanism to promote renewable energies.

These contracts are intended for French and German producers.

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A lasting relationship with producers

Thanks to their clarity and flexibility, our different purchase offers have formed the basis for relations of lasting trust with renewable energy producers since 2012. The contracts that we offer are:

> Flexible

  • without any production commitment
  • without any production forecast
  • of flexible duration: from 1 month to several years
  • adapted to the characteristics of your production profile

> Customised

  • a team dedicated to your account
  • a personal space online
  • assistance for all your formalities

> Complete

  • a detailed monthly invoice
  • the trading of your green certificates
  • exploitation of your capacity certificates
  • offer of supply to your plant auxiliaries


  • Our councillors are at your disposal to establish an offer adapted to your expectations and production profile.
    Contact them!

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