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Small wind farms

Using its Noé Fund, CNR offers to purchase the production of small wind power producers in France. This approach is line with CNR’s commitment in favour of developing renewable energies.

achat-de-votre-energie-sur-le-petit-eolienDo you own a wind power facility with a capacity of less than 50 kW without an obligatory purchase contract? CNR offers to purchase all or part of your production for a minimum price of €65/MWh.

This purchase offer is intended solely for French producers.

It falls within the framework of CNR’s support for small wind power facilities. This support is financed by the Noé Fund (Nature Option Energie) Set up by CNR in 2003, this fund is intended to finance research, development and construction relating to new techniques for producing renewable energy in France.

CNR now operates 37 wind farms – totalling 203 turbines – whose installed capacity ranges from 2.3 to 30 MW. CNR’s total installed wind power capacity is 457 MW. Since the commissioning of its first wind farms in 2006, CNR has acquired acknowledged knowhow in managing and forecasting production.


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