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Do you produce renewable hydroelectricity, wind power or solar power? Are you bound or not to an obligatory purchase contract? CNR purchases your production. At what price and under which conditions? Our energy purchasing councillors answer your questions.

offre-achat-eolienHow much do you pay for electricity?

Fixed, indexed or combined, our purchase prices are optimised on the basis of wholesale electricity market prices. They are calculated as a function of your production profile, your needs and your constraints. They are absolutely clear when signing the contract and there are NO additional expenses attached.

I am bound by an existing obligatory purchase contract. What are the offers that I can profit from?

You can benefit from the “Additional Remuneration” contract. Our councillors can guide you in line with your needs and aims and build an offer that satisfies them. Contact them

I have an obligatory purchase contract that is expiring. What are the offers that I can profit from?

On reaching the expiry of your obligatory purchase contract you can benefit from our purchase offers available on the open market: “Security”, “Harmony” and “Market”. Our councillors can guide you in line with your needs and aims and build an offer that satisfies them. Contact them

Are there any costs linked to management, balancing or entry on the market?

All our purchase prices are clear and NO additional cost is attached to them: CNR takes charge of all these costs.

offre-achat-photovoltaïqueMust I make forecasts?

The forecasts of your production are made by CNR meteorologists every day in the same way as they do for our own plants. However, any producer able to supply CNR with forecasting data will automatically improve their sale price.

What are the conditions of CNR’s purchase contracts?

You are not bound by any production or forecasting commitment.

Our contractual clauses remain flexible and adjustable depending on the needs and constraints of each producer.

When will I be paid?

The due dates of payment are based on the official readings of your meter by the grid manager, generally every month. Our team’s speedy reactivity means that you are paid very quickly after we have received your invoice.

Can I ask for CNR’s assistance during my partnership?

Contacts devoted to managing your energy are at your disposal throughout our partnership. Composed of experts in marketing and optimising renewable energy on behalf of clients, this CNR team will be delighted to assist you to accomplish all your formalities.


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