Producing 100% green electricity

Our energy purchase offers

Are do you produce hydropower, wind power or solar power? CNR offers to let you profit from its strategic position on the energy market and buy your production under the best conditions, flexibly and securely.

achat-de-votre-hydroelectriciteFrance’s leading producer of 100% renewable energy, CNR is well aware of the specific nature of hydroelectricity, wind power and solar power. By choosing to sell your energy to CNR, you opt for a reputed player on the European markets, equipped with its own front office and capable of selling your production at the best price. You will choose a company committed to developing renewable energies with strong values, and benefiting from its status of balance responsible entity (aggregator) for the entire ENGIE Group. You can trust CNR’s solidity and reliability as a partner dedicated to selling your production.

Our offers

  • achat-de-votre-energie-eolienneYou are a hydroelectricity producer. We buy your production. Discover our offer
  • You are a wind power producer. We buy your production. Discover our offer
  • You own a small wind farm and produce wind power. We buy your production. Discover our offer
  • You produce solar energy. We buy your production. Discover our offer
  • You have signed a contract with an obligatory purchase option. We offer you additional remuneration. Discover our offer
  • Do you have any questions? We answer them

Our “Extras”

Our offers are clear and flexible. They are based on the premise of a lasting partnership. We do not dictate any guarantee of production, or production forecasts. Our partnership offers ensure that you have:

- privileged dialogue with your CNR councillor
- a personal client portal on the Internet
- detailed invoices that will be edited and sent to you
- assistance for your formalities before and throughout the term of the contract.

Our councillors are at your disposal to establish an offer adapted to your needs and your production profile.

CNR, a solid partner

CNR places a dedicated team at your disposal. You will benefit from the expertise of our meteorologists. France’s leading producer of 100% renewable electricity, CNR is a mostly public owned company. In 2016, CNR produced 15.4 TWh of green electricity for a gross turnover of €1,056 billion.

CNR on the European energy markets

CNR sells nearly 98% of its production on the wholesale markets in the form of long-term, medium term and short-term placements. Regarding the latter, CNR has developed solid knowhow in infra-daily and spot transactions (the day before tomorrow). CNR is present in ten European countries for bilateral transactions or those made on local exchanges (POWERNEXT in France, EEX in Germany, BELPEX in Belgium, GME in Italy, OMEL in Spain, SWISSEX in Switzerland, N2EX in the United Kingdom, DESMIO in Greece and HUPX in Hungary).

Contact us

For further information:

Sébastien VERMARE
Sales Division – Energy Purchasing
Email :
Telephone : 04 26 23 19 21


Engineer-economist – Energy purchasing
Email :
Telephone : 04 26 10 86 11

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