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An expert in managing and marketing renewable energies (hydro-,wind and solar power), CNR offers a full range of services for green electricity producers, from production forecasting to purchasing electricity.

les-offres-energie-de-cnrFrance’s leading producer of 100% renewable energy, CNR relies on its unique experience and competences to manage the energy of its clients.



Are you looking for a partner to manage your hydropower, wind power or solar power installations and sell your energy on the markets?

Our offer of services covers four activities:

The “Forecasting” offer

To help you optimise the management of your renewable energy production installations, we provide you with high quality production forecasts, an area in which CNR has highly qualified specialists and its own tools developed in-house.

The “Programming management” offer

We can take on the role of Programming manager for your assets linked directly to the Very High Voltage grid. CNR manages regular contacts with RTE (Réseau de transport d’électricité), regarding production forecasts, flag management and specific requests.

“Market access” offer

CNR gives you access to its trading room. We sell your energy on the electricity market on your behalf.

responsable-de-programmation-rte“Energy purchase” offer

Do you want to sell your energy on the open market? We offer you a full range of contracts to get the most out of your energy on the open market. Contact to know more about our energy purchase offers.

Our “extras”

Your renewable energy is aggregated in our virtual energy production and placement centre. It is incorporated in our production and sales perimeter to maximise its value.

Our experts possess unique knowhow: they master the intermittent nature of these energy sources and identify the best opportunities for selling your electricity. These activities fall within the framework of our risk management policy, that of a major producer of 100% renewable electricity.

Niclas Fritsch
Managing Director of GP Joule (Germany) 

We’ve worked with CNR since 2012 and use their production forecasting services for our solar power plant of 40 MWp (megawatt-peak) in the Aquitaine region. In 2014, we entrusted them with a second plant of 36 MWp so CNR now manages 76 MWp for us. CNR receives the essential data from our installations, generates the daily production forecasts and sends the production estimations to RTE. They provide perfect service and the relations with their team are very professional. We’re currently discussing other opportunities with CNR. 

Marius Chicioreanu
Director of Power Energy Management (ENGIE, Romania)

Having accurate production forecasts is vital in order to manage our wind farms and to keep ENGIE competitive on the Romanian energy market. We chose CNR as one of our data suppliers following an international call for offers, due to the quality and veracity of the forecasts. We’re very satisfied with their work and the constructive partnership we enjoy with them. Sharing information and good practices helps us to improve our performance. 

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They place their trust in us

  • Since 2009, CNR has managed and optimised the production of SHEM (Société Hydro-électrique du Midi), a subsidiary of the ENGIE Group. SHEM has 12 dams at altitude and 56 hydropower plants located in the Pyrenees Mountains, the Massif Central and the Lot valley. These plants have an installed capacity of 800 MW.
  • CNR is the programming manager of two solar power plants of 27 and 40 MWp (Lot-et-Garonne and Gironde), owned by subsidiaries of the German company GP Joule.
  • CNR establishes the production forecasts of ENGIE’s wind farms in Romania (90 MW installed capacity).
  • Since 2012, CNR has bought and sold the electricity of more than 40 owners of small hydropower plants