Producing 100% green electricity

Innovative forecasting and production methods

A pioneer and major player in renewable energies in France, CNR develops its own tools in the constant quest to improve its forecasting capacities. These innovations are at the heart of CNR’s corporate strategy.

prevision-eolien-et-photovoltaïqueOne of the characteristics of intermittent energies (hydropower, wind power and solar power) is that they are difficult to predict. To solve this problem, CNR has developed innovative methods and tools to produce high quality production forecasts several days in advance. This allows it to optimise its energy sales on the markets and meet the needs of the grid.

A fully integrated industrial environment

To reach its target, CNR has equipped itself with a fully integrated industrial environment structured around the CGPI (Intermittent Production management Centre) and the CGPM (Modulable Production Management Centre), the CTR (Rhone Telecontrol Centre) and a  specifically adapted SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition).

It also has software developed in-house: GAIPAR® (computer assisted management of the installations on the Rhone), GIC® (non availability and constraint management), OSCAR® (tool for simulating the behaviour of the installations on the Rhone), and APOGEES® (application for optimising and managing wind and solar power).

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Forecasting for every time frame

Efficient management of renewable energies (hydro-, wind and solar power) relies on high quality forecasting. The forecasts made by CNR used different approaches which, when combined, cover every time frame:

  • the very short-term (infra-hourly), to predict variances of production;
  • the short-term (for tomorrow), to sell production on day-ahead markets;
  • in the medium term (1 or 2 weeks), to help operators to plan their maintenance operations having an impact on production;
  • in the long-term (several months), for the long-term placement of production on the markets.

CNR’s forecasts are produced from several sources of meteorological forecasts, analysed by a specific team, the CGPI (Intermittent Production Management Centre). They are updated several times a day.