Producing 100% green electricity

Electricity management for third parties

Since the deregulation of the European electricity market, CNR has structured itself to ensure the efficient management of its production facilities and those of its clients producing renewable energies.

AAll the strategic operations of the value chain are grouped in CNR’s head office in Lyon, on a single platform, the COCPIT (Intermittent Production Management and Optimisation Centre).

A reactive and efficient organisation

ctrThe COCPIT groups the following: meteorological forecasting, exchanges with operators to ensure plant maintenance and availability of the plants, remote control of the plants and access to the wholesale market to optimise the placement of production, especially on the SPOT and infra-daily markets. The organisation is completed by market risk management dedicated to intermittent energies and which considerably reduces fluctuations of turnover by optimising fixed term placements (hedging).

All these activities are based on sophisticated methods and software designed in-house to optimise the sales value of renewable energy.

  • Forecasting: CNR’s experts make hydrometeorological and production forecasts. The optimisers use these forecasts, installation constraints and market prices to establish production programmes.
  • Control: CNR’s tele-controllers supervise electricity production in real time.
  • Marketing: the traders sell the energy at the best price by making use of CNR’s strategic position.

This organisation and its position as an acknowledged actor on the European wholesale markets means that CNR can offer its clients a full range of services.

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A major actor on the European energy exchanges

CNR has its own front office, giving it a significant advantage in managing renewable energy given the fluctuations in the production of its installations and those of its clients. CNR concentrates 98% of its sales on the wholesale market. It is registered as a trader in most European countries where it trades energy via over the counter (OTC) deals or directly on local exchanges (EPEX in France, EEX for Germany, BELPEX for Belgium, GME for Italy, OMEL for Spain, SWISSEX for Switzerland, N2EX for the United Kingdom, DESMIE for Greece and HUPX for Hungary). CNR sells large volumes in different time frames, ranging from infra-daily to several years.

Richard Katz
Sales and Communication Manager of Powernext, and Sales Manager of EPEX Spot

CNR is a historic actor on the wholesale market for energy, of which it now holds a significant share, especially in RTE’s feed-in zone. CNR has forged genuine trust with market operators. Powernext allows it to trade large volumes since we group the interests of more than 200 members of the European market. CNR’s flexibility is unique in France. Its technical prowess in understanding demand, managing dams and acting on the wholesale market is a big advantage that allows it to get the most out of its installations.

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Risks under control

CNR secures its turnover by selling its energy 3 years in advance. CNR adjusts its sales as the due date approaches, by taking into account the climatic forecasts established by its meteorologists. CNR has also developed expertise on the short-term market (infra-daily to several days).

Given the variability of meteorological conditions, CNR reacts very quickly to avoid variations between forecast and real production, which are subject to financial penalties. This is achieved thanks to the flexibility of its facilities, through direct control over the production installations, or by trading with the purchase and sale of energy on the market. This essential knowhow means that CNR can control the financial risk and optimise its production programmes on the energy market.