Producing 100% green electricity

Industrial excellence

Whether for the maintenance and safety of installations, or for forecasting and optimising production, CNR has developed a fully integrated industrial environment based on its multifaceted knowhow.

A producer of 100% renewable energy, CNR is a fully integrated company that controls the entire value chain: the design and construction of installations, maintenance, production forecasting and marketing energy produced.

Maintaining the installations

maintenance-des-outils-de-productionCNR is endowed with all the knowhow required to maintain the operational performance of all its industrial and river installations and facilities, thereby ensuring their longevity.

Its maintenance activities require the knowhow of multidisciplinary teams composed of specialists in mechanical, electromechanical and electrical engineering, hydropower, automation, industrial computing, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydrology, hydrometry, hydrogeology and topography/bathymetry.

Our teams guarantee the hydraulic safety of the installations, optimise production, ensure the security and continuity of navigation through the efficient operation of the locks, and maintain the navigable channel.

Expert in renewable energy management

As opposed to coal-fired and nuclear power plants, the production of hydro-, wind and solar power plants is difficult to predict. Confronted by this limitation and the constant variation of electricity demand, CNR establishes high quality production forecasts several days in advance to optimise the sale of its energy and satisfy the needs of the grid.

Software developed in-house

previsionnistes-meteoTo develop its own software CNR has a fully integrated industrial environment that includes every step, from forecasting and piloting production and optimisation, to selling on the market. CNR relies on a specifically adapted SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and it also has software developed in-house: GAIPAR® (computer assisted management of the installations on the Rhone), GIC® (non availability and constraint management), OSCAR® (tool for simulating the behaviour of the installations on the Rhone), and APOGEES® (application for optimising and managing wind and solar power).

Services offered to other energy producers

This expertise and these tools allow CNR to offer a full range of services to other renewable energy producers: meteorological forecasts, programming management, access to markets and production purchasing.

The intermittent production management and optimisation centre (COCPIT)

All CNR’s operational actors are grouped in an open space in Lyon where they manage 24/7 all its production assets, and those managed by CNR on behalf of clients. Thus, by bringing its teams together, CNR has succeeded in optimising hydraulic security and production management.

Balance responsible entity

Since electricity cannot be stored, the balance between production and consumption must be constantly maintained. In France this mission is ensured by RTE (Réseau de Transport Electrique). Every electricity consumer and producer belongs to a balancing perimeter managed by a balance responsible entity. There are more than 150 in France.

As ENGIE’s hub of hydraulic excellence, CNR has fulfilled this role of balance responsible entity vis-à-vis RTE since 2003. In 2008, this balancing perimeter was extended to all ENGIE’s production assets and consumption. Thus, CNR now manages a portfolio of nearly 400,000 clients.

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