Producing 100% green electricity

A producer and manager of green electricity

CNR is France’s leading producer of electricity certified 100% renewable. Its production comes from an energy mix based on hydropower, its core business, wind power and solar power.


CNR supplies a quarter of France’s hydroelectricity. It has 19 hydropower plants built on the Rhone between 1948 and 1986. To reach French renewable energy development targets, CNR has diversified into wind and solar power. It commissioned its first wind farms in 2006 and its first solar power plant in 2008. By end-2016, CNR had 37 wind farms and 17 solar power plants.

CNR’s average annual production is 16 TWh (billion kilowatt-hours), which represents the electricity consumed by 5.4 million people. This production is guaranteed 100% renewable by the European certification organisation TÜV SÜD. CNR is therefore one of the rare French producers of 100% green electricity.

Promoting energy transition

CNR’s development of its activities in wind power, solar power and, more recently, marine energy, through its subsidiary CN’Air, is part of a long-term corporate vision to fulfil one ambition: to assert itself as a major player in energy transition in France.

An expert in managing the intermittent nature of these renewable energies, CNR controls the entire process, from the design and operation of production facilities to marketing the energy produced. CNR also plays a major role on the European electricity markets and offers energy management services to its clients.

Five families of renewable energy

Green energy means energy produced from renewable energy sources: water, the sun (photovoltaic), wind, geothermal energy, and energy generated from solid biomass and biogas. Renewable energies generate very little or no waste or pollutant emissions. They participate in the combat against the greenhouse effect and discharges of CO2 into the atmosphere. Lastly, they are inexhaustible sources of energy when compared to fossil fuels which are becoming ever scarcer: oil, coal, lignite and natural gas.

A 100% renewable mix

In end-2016, CNR has a total installed capacity of 3,553 MW :

  • 3,035 MW from hydropower (88.5 %) produced by 19 hydropower plants and 21 small hydropower plants
  • 457 MW from wind power (10.35 %) with 37 wind farms
  • 61 MWp from solar power (1.15 %) with 17 power plants

CNR has set itself the target of reaching an installed capacity of 4,000 MW in France and 300 MW abroad by 2020.

  • Production on the Rhone (2014): 14.56 TWh
  • Production outside the Rhone Valley (2014): 856 GWh

Certification and guarantees of origin

Since 2002, CNR’s hydroelectricity production on the Rhone has been awarded the European TÜV SÜD label certifying that it is 100% renewable. This allows it to issue vouchers in the form of green certificates as proof that the electricity is totally renewable. CNR uses the Guarantee of Origin system, in conformity with European Directive 2009-28-CE. The certificates are managed and issued by Powernext. CNR is also a founding member of Observ’ER, the French Observatory of Renewable Energies.

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