Living with the Rhone

The banks of the Rhone

Enhancing the concession is a priority for CNR. The developments performed on the banks of the Rhone such as ViaRhôna make it possible to bring the inhabitants of the Rhone Valley back around the river.

The development of spaces for strolling and hiking, angling jetties and laying the ViaRhôna cycle track all demonstrate CNR’s ambition to enhance the banks of the Rhone. Through its Missions in the General Interest, CNR has also made it a priority to attract the neighbouring population to frequent the river banks.

Making it possible for everyone to enjoy the river

  • viarhona-secteur-de-belley The link between the Alps and the Mediterranean, ViaRhôna allows cyclists to discover the Rhone Valley, its natural spaces, outstanding sites, its heritage and its gastronomic fare.
  • The banks of the Rhone are developed in collaboration with the territories to strengthen the relationship between the neighbouring population and the river and to attract tourists. For example, the major project carried out at Bellegarde-sur-Valserine (Ain) comprising the creation of a green theatre next to the Rhone, the laying of a track dedicated to soft modes of transport, pedagogic promenades, the development of 1.5 km of bank and the construction of a footbridge linking the departments of Ain and Haute-Savoie.
  • Installation of angling jetties in collaboration with angling federations and associations.

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