Living with the Rhone

Safety and prevention

As concessionary of the Rhone, CNR guarantees the safety of people by ensuring that of its installations and by monitoring the river. However, it up to each individual to comply with the safety recommendations: bathing is restricted to specified areas and water sports are regulated.

deversement_au_barrage-de-lavoursCaution alongside the Rhone

Every year, along the banks of the Rhone, CNR carries out an awareness campaign on the potential risks near structures addressed to the neighbouring population and tourists. This campaign, which has Louloute the otter as its mascot, is carried out in collaboration with the Prefecture and local actors.

The “dam release warning” procedure

The “dam release warning” is a procedure carried out systematically and performed before any opening of a dam to release water slowly and progressively. This procedure is used to warn the public of a rise in the water level and give people enough time to leave floodable areas where they may have ventured despite the warning signs.

Hydraulic safety

In its capacity as concessionary of hydropower development schemes (dams and hydropower plants), CNR gives absolute priority to hydraulic safety to guarantee the safety of people and property close to its installations. Hydraulic safety concerns the design and maintenance of structures (dams, plants, locks) and their operating procedures.

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