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CNR’s historic involvement in favour of rowing in the Rhone Valley took on a new dimension in 2014. We are now the official sponsor of the French rowing teams, and continue to support the development of clubs in the Rhone Valley through sponsorship operations.

partenariat-equipe-de-france-avironHistoric local support

CNR has long been involved in promoting rowing in the Rhone Valley. This involvement takes the form of sponsorship operations to favour the development of local clubs by supporting access to all sectors of the public (schoolchildren, women, fitness enthusiasts, etc.).

Our actions include :

  • Support for the international rowing regatta Rowing Avignon Cup Edition (RACE) organised by the Société Nautique d’Avignon
  • Partnerships with Rowing Bugey Haut-Rhône and the Club Nautique. Funding of equipment to develop rowing for leisure, rowing for the disabled and schoolchildren.
  • Financial participation in the construction of the multimodal base of Virignin (Ain), the training centre for the best national rowing teams which in particular hosted the New Zealand team during its preparation for the world championships at Aiguebelette in August 2015.

From local to Olympism

In 2014, our involvement took a new turn with the signature of a three-year partnership agreement with the Fédération française d’aviron (FFA). For the first time in its history, CNR committed itself to an Olympic sport at both national and local levels:

  • CNR became the official sponsor of the French rowing teams which wore its colours during the 2015 World Championships at Aiguebelette (Savoie) and they will wear them again at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.
  • CNR assists the clubs of the Rhone Valley to develop through its sponsorship operations. It acts in three ways :
    • Through the educative actions of the clubs, to allow as many people as possible to learn and practice rowing on the Rhone: rowing for schools, rowing to keep fit, rowing for the disabled , etc.,
    • Through the organisation of local competitions to promote rowing among the young,
    • Through improving the equipment of volunteers, especially regarding safety.

Common values

partenariat-equipe-de-france-d-aviron-Daniel-_1Along with the FFA and all the people who practice the sport, CNR shares the values of personal commitment, collective performance and team spirit, but it also supports using the river for leisure, discovery and caring for its environment. In the midst of the debate on energy transition, this partnership gives CNR a means for increasing its visibility and strengthening its image.

Alongside high level athletes

CNR whished to be part of the performance Compact initiative launched by the Department of the City, Youth and Sports to develop a new synergy. The challenge: bring them closer the sportsmen to the high level of corporate. CNR accompanies Augustin Mouterde (2016 world champion lightweight coxless pair), a young French rowing silver medalist at the last world rowing Aiguebelette, Jérémie Azou (gold medalist RIO Olympics Games in double sculls light weight), in Team France since 2005 and holds a long record (over 50 medals) and Noemie Kober (selected for the Olympics in Rio), young athlete of 22 years selected for the Olympics Games in Rio.

Rowing in France

- 105 000 rowers

- 400 clubs

- 500 jobs

aviron Jérémie AZOU 1

Jérémie Azou
2015 skulls world champion, French skiff rowing champion from 2010 to 2015

CNR’s commitment gives our federation a second wind, especially in a lean period. Since I was trained at Avignon, a quintessentially Rhone Valley club, I feel even more involved. We’ve been neighbours ever since I first put oar to water. The renewable energy policy fits us like a glove. Apart from a difference of a few terawatts, we’re doing the same job! But joking apart, I’ve discovered CNR’s innovation and research in new technologies. It’s a dynamic, efficient and exemplary company. I hope we’ll be up to the task, with CNR as locomotive to guide us towards world excellence.


Jean-Jacques Mulot
President of the Fédération française d’aviron (FFA)

Our meeting with CNR goes back to 2012 and the construction of the rowing club of Haut-Bugey in Belley. We immediately found we shared the same values: a shared playing field, the quest for high performance, respect for nature, solidarity, humility, openness to others, the taste for effort and discovery.

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