Living with the Rhone

Making the Rhone a huge recreation area

CNR supports projects linked to sports and leisure developed on the Rhone: nautical activities, rowing and kayaking, angling, recreation areas, ViaRhôna and more.

The Rhone, a place of festivity, sport and leisure

The river is a place of culture and festivity, nautical activities and leisure. The local population and tourists can practice rowing and kayaking, angling, visit its natural and cultural heritage or simply walk or cycle along its banks by taking the ViaRhôna.

Strong territorial impetusbassin-de-joutes-ile-barlet

These activities on the water and along the river are encouraged by the local authorities : their cultural and sports policies are often linked to the Rhone. As a partner of the territories, CNR provides them with financial and technical support through its Missions in the General Interest.



The creation of recreation areas, the organisation of events and sports competitions and the rehabilitation of the banks all enhance the quality of life of the population and strengthen the attraction of the Rhone Valley for tourism.


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Enjoying the river in complete safety

Take care! To ensure that the river remains a pleasure, everyone must comply with the safety regulations. This means that bathing in the river can only be done in the areas reserved for this purpose and that practicing water sports is subject to regulations.


By building the management of Sault-Brénaz, CNR has created an artificial river. The request came from kayakers and municipalities. Each year, 45,000 people come here, high level athletes and amateurs who take advantage of the difference of 6 m by 600 m. With the hydroelectric plant, we share the water and if it produces energy, we use it to handle the paddles!

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Key figures


  • More than 50,000 people attended events supported by CNR during its first two plans of the Missions in the General Interest (2004-2014)
  • More than 1,000 children participated in educational actions supported by CNR during the same period.