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Move in Pure

Move in Pure is an offer to supply electricity for charging the batteries of electric vehicles with CNR’s 100% green energy. It guarantees running with pure energy derived neither from fossil fuels nor nuclear energy.

station-de-recharge-electrique-st-romain-en-galElectric vehicles do not emit CO2 or fine particles when running, though charging their batteries leads to pollution that is often greater than that of a gasoline/diesel powered vehicle. The cause is the source of energy used to produce the electricity supplied to the charging points.

Move in Pure is aimed at the owners of electric vehicles who want to avoid charging them with electricity generated from fossil or nuclear fuels, and use electricity certified 100% renewable instead (water, sun, wind).

The electricity supplied by CNR is produced at the same time as it is consumed to charge electric cars. Its 100% green traceability is certified by the independent European organisation TÜV SÜD.

Move in Pure is marketed exclusively by ENALP, a subsidiary of CNR.

They have chosen Move in Pure

In the framework of its offer Move in Pure, CNR has already concluded several partnerships with acknowledged actors in electric mobility. They include BMW, Renault and Nissan, as well as the car-sharing schemes of the Bolloré Group in Greater Lyon, BlueLy and in Bordeaux, BlueCub.

Changing over to renewable electricity: simple and fast

Since the electricity market was opened in 2007, all private clients can leave their previous supplier at any time they wish. Several million French people have already done this and opted for more environmentally friendly electricity.

It is simple and fast. By signing a supply contract with ENALP, you benefit from green electricity produced by CNR without being subject to cuts or a change of meter. ERDF continues to ensure the public service of distribution, connection and meter reading.

This offer has no fixed duration of commitment. You can change your supplier again at any time and for free, and you can even go back to your previous supplier.

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