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Hydrogen project

Producing hydrogen from renewable electricity is a new path taken by CNR. It is a solution to the problem of storing electricity and an opportunity to favour green mobility.

hydrogeneProducing hydrogen is a new and large scale means of storing electricity, so it is a solution for reducing the impact of the intermittent nature of renewable energies. Indeed, producing this gas will allow absorbing the surplus production that the electricity grid cannot absorb. Lastly, hydrogen produced from renewable sources, such as green fuel, fulfils the need to develop zero emission transport on both land and water.

By investing in this sector of the future, CNR is positioning itself as a benchmark energy producer, capable of producing 100% green hydrogen from its renewable electricity. CNR is therefore planning to produce hydrogen close to its hydropower plants, wind farms and solar power plants. It is also considering the installation of charging facilities in the areas adjacent to its concession on the Rhone, to fuel hydrogen powered cars and other vehicles launched on the market.

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Hydrogen engines

CNR has joined up with several industrial partners in the Hyway project, which aims to equip 50 Renault Kangoo ZE with hydrogen powered engines. These hydrogen kits will give these vehicles a range of 300 km. Two hydrogen supply stations have already been set up in Lyon and Grenoble to fuel them. This project, driven by the Tenerrdis cluster, is supported by the government and the Rhône-Alpes Regional Council.

Other uses for green hydrogen could be developed quickly at Port de Lyon, managed by CNR, such as urban logistics with trucks and river craft. Thus CNR has already started several partnerships in an innovative project for a mobile river waste dump using a renewable electricity and hydrogen powered pusher vessel.

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