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Our areas of expertise

Navigable waterways, hydroelectric facilities, river development and restoration, river system management: CNR Engineering provides a targeted approach to ensure the success of its clients’ projects in France and abroad.

CNR Engineering provides its consulting services to modernise and maintain infrastructures and to create new ones.

Navigable waterways

centre-de-teleconduite-des-ecluses-du-rhone-chateauneuf-du-rhoneCNR Engineering provides its consulting services to modernise and maintain infrastructures and to create new ones.

  • Locks, crossing structures
  • Navigable waterway development master plans
  • Development of navigable waterways in canals and rivers
  • Development of industrial ports and marinas
  • Navigability studies
  • Remote lock control

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  • Expert in hydroelectric and river engineering


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Hydroelectric development schemes

CNR Engineering intervenes in the design and construction of new projects, as well as in the renovation of existing structures. Its engineers also provide diagnostics and advice on optimising the operation and maintenance of hydroelectric development schemes.

  • Hydropower plants
  • Small hydropower plants
  • Dams
  • Automated operation and remote control
  • Régulation
  • Optimisation and management of production
  • Assistance in operation and maintenance

    River development and restoration

    CNR Engineering integrates all the technical, economic, environmental and social dimensions by relying on the experience of its multidisciplinary teams and on the innovative solutions devised by CNR’s RID.

    • Dikes, bank protection
    • Weirs
    • Fish passes
    • Restoration of natural habitats
    • Environmental management plan

      Hydraulic and hydrological management of river systems

      CNR Engineering provides its knowhow in forecasting, modelling and the daily management of hydraulic and hydrological conditions and develops methods and tools essential for formulating master plans of watersheds at regional and national scale and for installing networks for collecting hydrometeorological data.

      • Hydrological studies and forecasting models
      • Hydraulic studies on mathematical models and scale models
      • Flood risk management
      • Hydrometeorological measurement networks
      • Sediment transport studies
      • Flushes
      • Safety studies

        Engineers with multiple competences

        Our strength lies in the diversity of our engineers’ competences and the synergy between them: hydrology, meteorology, hydraulics and modelling, the environment, civil engineering, electricity, hydromechanics.

        Moreover, CNR Engineering profits from the expertise of CNR’s specialists in operation and maintenance (O&M), in the management of renewable energies via the COCPIT optimisation centre and in port developments. Lastly, CNR Engineering relies on an integrated laboratory, the Hydraulic Structure Behaviour Analysis Centre (CACOH) endowed with rare competences in physical modelling, monitoring structures and metrology (hydrometry, bathymetry, hydrography).