Benefit from the expertise of CNR engineering

Full management of your projects

CNR Engineering offers you a full range of services for every phase of a project, from consulting and studies, upstream, to assistance for operating and maintaining structures.

In order to set up a partnership on a win-win basis, CNR Engineering assists its clients throughout their project by providing the competences required for its success at every step.

assistance-maitrise-d-ouvrageConsulting and studies upstream

Our detailed knowledge of the life cycle of structures makes it possible for us to give pertinent advice upstream of projects and orient studies and technical-economic options: impact studies, technical and socioeconomic feasibility studies, and technical due diligence.

Assistance to the owner

Our position as an integrated engineering-consulting office means that we are naturally prepared for these types of mission which demand full understanding of clients’ ideas and needs and the capacity to work in close collaboration with their teams.


conception-de-projetsAs manager of the Rhone, CNR has developed a global vision of the life of a river and its watershed. The design of projects takes into account every stake and use: saving water resources, sediment management, optimisation of energy resources, protection against flood risks and the development of river transport with concern given to optimising investments.


CNR Engineering’s role as design and construction manager is constantly fuelled by a wealth of feedback gleaned from the structures on the Rhone and other rivers. That is why our engineers are highly aware of the need to take into account exacting demands regarding sustainable development, safety and security while optimising construction costs.

Assistance for operation and maintenance

Thanks to its close relations with operational teams, CNR Engineering is able to advise you efficiently on the life cycles of structures and help you to get the best out of your installations and structures in terms of production, availability and reliability.


  • Expert in hydroelectric and river engineering


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Our ethics


CNR has endowed itself with a corporate social responsibility policy (CSR). Its activities must contribute to development that is socially fair, economically viable and environmentally friendly. Societal responsibility cannot be separated from the actions performed. It is adapted at every level of the company. CNR Engineering gives great attention to ethics. When carrying out projects our teams constantly endeavour to maintain the integrity and independence of their professional judgement. They conform to the best international engineering practices, to the conditions of the contracts signed and to the laws of the countries in which they operate.

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