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CNR Engineering provides you all its experience acquired from 80 years of developing and operating on the Rhone, as well as from the projcts it performs for its clients. It is recognised in France and internationally.

notre-expertise-s'exporteCNR Engineering offers you all its experience acquired during 80 years of developing and operating the Rhone and from its clients’ projects.  It is recognised in France and worldwide.

CNR Engineering is CNR’s integrated engineering office. Specialised in hydroelectric and river engineering, its knowhow is double-edged, comprising both the design and operation of installations. The feedback it has acquired from experience allows CNR to approach its clients’ projects with the pragmatism needed to respond to today’s challenges: reliability, optimisation of investments, sustainable development, the environment, safety and innovation.  

Two thirds of CNR Engineering’s activities are carried out on behalf of CNR while the other third is carried out on behalf of external clients in France and abroad.

For certain missions, CNR Engineering relies on CNR’s in-house laboratory, the Hydraulic Structure Behaviour Analysis Centre (CACOH). It responds to all the demands made in the physical modelling of complex hydraulic flows and flows under load, the study of locks, sediment transport and dimensioning structures. Its competences include testing materials to assess their resistance to abrasion and hydraulic impacts.

notre-expertise-s'exporte-(2)CNR’s strength also stems from the variety of its engineers’ specialities and the synergy between them: hydrology-meteorology, hydraulics and modelling, the environment, civil engineering, electricity and hydromechanics.

Thus CNR Engineering is capable of providing a global and targeted solution adapted to your needs in every area of river development :

  • Navigable waterways
  • Hydroelectricity development schemes
  • River development and restoration
  • The hydraulic and hydrological management of river systems

The activities of CNR Engineering have been certified ISO 9001 since 2000.


  • Expert in hydroelectric and river engineering


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CNR’s knowhow is recognised in more than 30 countries. CNR Engineering has carried out remarkable studies such as the design of the locks of the Panama Canal – for which it received the National Engineering Grand Prix in 2011 – and the sustainable development of the main channel of the Mekong (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand).

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